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Our Services

Not So Bushy Brows
Brow shaping, trimming, and tweezing if needed.
No Lip
Upper Lip Waxing (tweezing if needed)
Chin Up
Chin Waxing and tweezing if needed
Cheek Fuzz
Cheek and sideburn waxing
Gimmie That Face
Full Face Wax includes brow shaping, lip, chin, and cheeks
Naked Arms
Full Arm Waxing up to shoulders, includes hands and fingers if needed
Arm Tease
Half Arm Wax to just above elbows, includes hands and fingers if needed.
Just The Pits
Underarm Waxing
Lady Bits and Tail Feathers
Brazilian wax including backside, as you wish up front.
Lady Bits
Bikini wax includes inner thighs and top.
Naked Leg
Full Leg wax includes tops of feet and toes if needed
Leg Tease
Half leg waxing includes knees, tops of feet and toes if needed.
Bare Belly
Stomach Wax up to and around belly button
Bare Chest
Full Chest waxing collar bone to belly button
Got Your Back
Full back waxing includes shoulders
Lash Tint
For best results please remove eye makeup before your visit
Brow Tint
Lash Perm
For best results remove eye makeup before your visit.

Our Staff

Sara Massee
Sara's specialities are brazilian waxing, brow shaping, and lash perming. Cherishing catch up time with loyal clients, Sara accommodates busy schedules by completing treatments quickly and without compromise to safety or hygiene.

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