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Our Services

The V Brazilian
Brazilian includes: removal of ingrowns, cooling & ingrown prevention treatment. Masking & hydration.
The V Bikini
Includes: Bikini sugaring, removal of ingrowns, cooling & ingrown prevention. Masking & hydration.
Ultrasonic Skin Treatment
Skin treatment that includes cleansing, exfoliating & extractions. Use of Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber aids in a deeper cleansing of the skin, ease of extractions and penetration of products.
DMK-Glow N' Go!
An express service that cleanses and exfoliates the skin to give you that perfect Red Carpet Glow! Great for a special event or a night out! Service includes use of DMK products
DMK Muscle Banding Treatment
Treatment is designed to tighten and firm tired, sagging skin by contracting muscles of the face. This is perfect for anyone looking for age management treatments, especially mature skin.
DMK Skin Consultation - Required
*!$25 cancellation fee applies if you cancel less than 24/hr notice, are late more than 15 mins or No show.!* A thorough analysis of your current skin condition and concerns. We will discuss your current skin care routine, products used, what your skin goals are and what we can do to achieve them. *Please note: A DMK home care prescriptive plan is necessary to work in conjunction with your in clinic professional treatments.*
DMK Signature Enzyme Treatment *(Consultation required)*
**Please also book the DMK consultation along with this service. A thorough consultation is required prior to the service.** A customized treatment that begins with a thorough skin analysis to best tailor the treatment to your skin needs. Results include a more youthful glow as well as an increase in skin oxygenation and lymph drainage. All products used are by DMK. **A complete skin consultation is required before any treatments are performed**
DMK Signature Facial
Signature cleansing facial that includes exfoliation, extractions (if needed) and masking.
This is an exfoliating service that can help to improve the texture of your skin, can help improve acne scarring, and help improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Service includes cleansing and masking.
Peel Treatment
Customized peel treatment to address a variety of skin concerns from acne, acne scarring to pigmentation & sensitive skins! Treatment includes cleansing, extractions if needed, masking, serum & moisturizer.
Pumpkin Enzyme Peel Treatment
Deep cleansing facial that includes a Pumpkin Enzyme Peel to exfoliate the skin, revealing glowing polished skin.
BFF Bacial (Back Facial)
Cleansing back facial that includes exfoliation, extractions, serums & moisturizer.
BFF Customized 30min Treatment
Is your skin in need of a little moisture or good drink of water, but you're short on time? This is the treatment for you! Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, serums & moisturizer.
BFF Customized 60min Treatment
Customized signature facial that focuses on your specific skin concerns or needs.
BFF Customized 90min Treatment
Enjoy a full 90 minute facial that includes: Consultation, cleansing, exfoliating, extractions, relaxing massage, LED and cold roller massage at the end of the facial to soothe the skin.
BFF Oxygen Facial
Ozonated (O2) Sunflower oil is used through out treatment to rehydrate & moisturize skin. Service includes, cleansing, exfoliation, extractions as needed, masking, & moisturizer. This service is excellent for dry & mature skins.
BFF Teen Facial
Deep cleansing facial that focuses on good skin care habits. Includes cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions.
Extractions (Facial Add On)
Additional 10 minutes of extractions
Hand Massage & Exfoliation- (Facial Add On)
Enjoy a little extra pampering with this luxurious add on!
LED light therapy (Facial Add On)
LED light therapy is a low level light that can penetrate the skin and be absorbed, which aids in treating different skin conditions.
Microdermabrasion- (Add On)
Add this service to any treatment to give your skin a boost!
Oxygen Treatment - (Facial Add On)
Ozonated sunflower serum, applied before masking, helps to brighten & moisturize skin while slowly releasing oxygen for up to 12 hours.
Peel- (Facial Add On)
Customized peel for deeper exfoliation to renew skin.
Belly Trail- Sugaring
Complete hair removal of area directly beneath belly button.
Bikini (Female only)- Sugaring
Complete hair removal of bikini area (area outside of underwear line)
Body Sugaring (Female)- Sugaring
Complete hair removal of legs, arms, face, & Brazilian. **Duration of service depends on thickness and length of hair**
Bottom- Sugaring
Hair removal from bottom cheeks.
Brazilian (Female only)- Sugaring
*For new clients* Complete hair removal of privacy area.
Brazilian-Maintenance (Female only)- Sugaring
*Existing clients only* Maintenance pricing is for those clients on a 3-4 week maintenance schedule only. Clients passed the 3-4 week schedule will be considered a new Brazilian client.
Cheek- Sugaring
Hair removal from cheek area.
Chin- Sugaring
Hair hair removal of chin area ***Last appointment for all services is 5:30pm. If 5, 5:30 time slots not available, please call to book.***
Eyebrow-Cleanup- Sugaring
Clean up to existing shape only.
Half Arm- Sugaring
Complete hair removal from below the elbow.
Full Arm- Sugaring
Complete hair removal of the arms.
Full Face- Sugaring
Complete hair removal of the face. Includes lip, chip, cheek, sideburns, forehead, & brow clean up. **Pricing not subject to change should client choose NOT to have all areas sugared.**
Full Legs & Arms- Sugaring
Complete hair removal from arms and legs.
Half Leg- Sugaring
Complete hair removal from the knee down.
Full Leg- Sugaring
Complete hair removal from legs.
Inner thigh-Sugaring
Hair removal of inner thigh area. Area outside of Brazilian area.
Lip- Sugaring
Hair removal from above upper lip.
Half Back- Sugaring
Hair removal from the mid back area and down to waist.
Hairline Sugaring
Removal of hair around hairline.
Full Back- Sugaring
Hair removal of entire back area.
Full Back, Neck & Shoulders- Sugaring
Hair removal of the entire back area, neck and shoulders.
Stomach & Chest- Sugaring
Complete hair removal from stomach and chest area.
Shoulder- Sugaring
Hair removal from tops of shoulders.
Hair removal from neck area.
Nostril- Waxing
Hair removal from lower nostril area
Sideburn- Sugaring
Complete removal of hair on side of face near the ear.
Underarm- Sugaring
Complete removal of underarm hair.
After sugaring cooling treatment- Small Area (Add On)
Small area application of cooling Hungarian mud to calm and soothe skin. Great for after hair removal services. Small areas to include lip, brow etc.
After sugaring cooling treatment- Medium area (Add On)
Medium sized area application of cooling Hungarian mud to calm and soothe skin. Great for after hair removal services. Medium sized areas to include underarms, cheeks etc.
After sugaring cooling treatment- Large area (Add On)
Large area application of cooling Hungarian mud to calm and soothe skin. Great for after hair removal services. Large area to include Brazilian area.

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