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Alchemy offers henna body art, natural facials and a curated collection of products for self care. Our studio is an escape from the 'real world' in the vibrant community of Ferndale. Alchemy is close to dining, drinks and shopping.

We are available to travel for private parties.

Studio appointments are available By Appointment Only
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Our Services

Henna | henna for 1*
Please use this option for appointments for a 'single henna' - a 1/2 hour is enough time to do a fairly elaborate henna on one hand & arm, or two simple hennas for one person. If you need LOTS of henna please reserve 'Henna | LOTS of henna for 1' or feel free to reach out 248-797-0416 if you wonder how much time you need. I LOVE doing larger pieces and encourage you to contact me directly if you want a back, chest or leg piece so we can set aside enough time. Most people spend between $25 and $40 dollars for their henna body art. *Prices are place-holders. Final cost is based on intricacy of the henna.
Henna | LOTS of henna for 1*
When you want two hands, or a leg piece, or a back, shoulder or arm piece. If you want both hands AND both feet - or a really large piece - Please select Henna for 2. We will need at least 1 hour. Most people spend between $40 and $60 at this appointment.
Henna | for 2*
While it is wonderful to carve out a little henna-spa time for yourself; sharing with a friend is fantastic, too! This is our most popular appointment at Alchemy: henna for you and a friend, mother, sister or daughter $20+ per person Each person is welcome to pay their bill separately. *Prices are place-holders. Final price is based on complexity of the design.
Henna | for 2-3 people*
Grab a couple of friends and come for a mid-day henna break, or start your evening at Alchemy... before heading home or out for dinner. The rate for the hour is $75 which includes henna. Each person is welcome to pay separately for their henna. Enough time is set aside for each person to have two small designs or one larger one. Alchemy is a quick walk to a number of Ferndale's restaurants and bars. This appointment is also a good option if you want LOTS of henna - - both hands, or both feet or a large shoulder, leg or back piece. Please review our cancellation policy.
Henna | Studio Party (4-7 people)*
This service is charged at the hourly rate of $75 / hour. We can take as much time as we need based on the number gathered and the intricacy of the designs. (1.5 hours is $112 and can be divided among the guests). Please leave me a note with how many you expect, so I can add time. *Please review our cancellation policy
Henna | Application for Hair
All natural hair color prepared with 100g henna powder, herbal tea, spices. Expertly applied in the studio. Shower cap provided and any remaining paste in a disposable pastry bag. Mixing services available: $25 / 100 g of henna powder Please let me know in the notes if you have especially long hair, because we don't want to be stingy and will need to make arrangements for more henna to be mixed. Add $20 for each 100g of henna (first 100g is included in the price).
Henna | Special Occasion
Beautiful artistry for every day + special occasions: PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION We offer quality designs, without fuss. We specialize in global traditional styles and fusion pieces. At this time, we do not offer packages or wrap-around designs. Two hours is sufficient to do two tops of hands with lots of details to 5" above the wrist and tops of the feet to 3"-5" above the ankle. Feel free to call for clarification: we want you to have the henna that makes you happy. $200 for two hours (more time may be needed depending on your henna coverage). A driver is recommended. For bridal packages or wrap around details, we will refer you to artists who specialize -
Henna | Pre-natal Henna
In-studio appointments with special care in from design-planning, to paste mixing and day-of care:. Fresh natural paste mixed especially for sensitive skin.
Henna | Crown
When you reserve your appointment for a henna crown, you will receive a phone call from Monique at Alchemy to discuss preparation for your appointment. Both so we can prepare a henna paste that will be safe (and effective) for you. You are welcome to bring family and friends for support and celebration, but should plan to reserve an appointment for them if they plan to have henna as well. For best results: 1. if you are accustomed to shaving your head, please do this 24 hours before your appointment (we don't want to irritate the skin with paste). 2. please disclose any sensitivities you have 3. please wash, but do not apply lotions the day of your appointment - - they create a barrier between your skin and the molecule from the henna that stains the skin 4. please feel free to send any inspiration photos to or text 248-797-0416
Cuppa & Studio Visit
Want to shop the boutique? Want to consult on skincare concerns or talk about plant based hair coloring options? Please book a Cuppa & Studio Visit - - We LOVE to share the Alchemy Studio experience and would love to meet up with you for a cuppa. We don't really charge for this... No Purchase Necessary. Unlike a mall shop, or street level experience, we are here when we are wanted... not just waiting around. PLEASE don't be shy - reserve a visit and come have a cuppa tea with me (it's really free: I just have to enter a price to reserve the appointment).
Jagua Body Art
Jagua is a blue-staining gel made from the fruit of the genipa americana tree. It is indigenous to Central America and used to decorate the body for beauty and ceremony. Please Reserve one appointment per person-- for larger parties, contact me directly: 248-797-0416 Prices are place holders and vary depending on size and intricacy of the artwork.
Jagua | for 2-3*
This is a fun appointment to share with friends! Or, reserve when you want LOTS of jagua yourself - both hands - or both feet...
Perfumery Workshop (3-4 people)
In this two-hour workshop we introduce the process of creating synthetic-free fragrances from inspiration to completion. Guests have the opportunity to create their own fresh perfume to take home using our standard essences and also special private collection essences. This is a casual, and informative, collaborative and intuitive workshop - no experience necessary. Ask any questions about sourcing and resources during the workshop. The $200 fee covers all materials needed to complete the workshop and take home a 15 mL perfume.

Our Staff

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