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A-1 Santizing

Please add to each appointment to help create extra time to sanitize. Appointments made without this option maybe asked to reschedule.

Free · 15 minutes

Womans Cut and Blowout

Blowdryers are back out! Enjoy a relaxing shampoo, cut , and blowout.

$40 · 45 minutes

Woman’s Dry Cut

Come in with CLEAN hair and get a cut only. This is the best option when clipper work is needed. Have dirty, bed head or hat hair? This service will not suffice. Please book a cut and blow out with your appointment.

$30 · 45 minutes

Bang or Neck Trim

Maintenance in between haircuts.

$8 · 15 minutes

Mens Cut

Please add A-1 sanitation service to each appointment to help create extra time to sanitize. Appointments made without this option maybe asked to reschedule.

$18 · 20 minutes

Mens Cut W shampoo

Please add A-1 sanitation to each appointment to help create extra time to sanitize. Appointments made without this option maybe asked to reschedule.

$21 · 25 minutes


Relaxing shampoo experience followed by a roundbrush blowout.

$20 · 45 minutes

Long Hair Add on extra time

Every time you visit the salon and your stylist complements you on how much hair you have, this add on is for you.

Starting at $10 · 10 minutes

The Betty

Let us spoil you with a weekly wash and style. Have a day and time that works best for you every week? Ask your stylist to set up a requiring standing appointment.

Price Varies · 30 minutes

Eye Brow Shaping

Arched, Rounded or Straight can help you shape your eyebrows.

$15 · 15 minutes

Face Wax

This appointment is for one area only. Need 2-3 areas please book a Face Wax for each area. Area 1 Cheeks Area 2 Lip Area 3 Chin

$10 · 10 minutes


All 3 facial areas plus Eyebrow wax.

$35 · 35 minutes

All over Color

Color your hair from roots to ends.

Starting at $75 · 1 hour

Root Touch up

Blends 4 weeks of regrowth. Don't forget to book a blowout after. Longer roots maybe charged for a full color service due to extra time of application and extra product used.

$55 · 50 minutes

Blonde Root Touch Up

4 weeks touch up on regrowth.

$65 · 55 minutes


A French technique of hand painted color

Starting at $135 · 2 hours

All over Highlight

Full head of Highlights.

Starting at $125 · 1 hour 35 minutes

Partial Highlights

Don't need all over highlights? Try a partial. This includes top and sides.

Starting at $75 · 50 minutes


Are your ends faded? Do you need some shine? Try a glaze.

Starting at $25 · 30 minutes

Awapuhi Keratriplex Treatment

Ingredients Keratin/Hydrolyzed Keratin/Oxidized Keratin: This unique blend of keratin proteins has varying molecular weights to allow penetration into the cortex to restore strength, repair the cuticle layer and bind to the surface to prevent further damage; the keratin we use is the closest in structure to human hair, meaning that the order of amino acids is nearly identical; if you imagine the teeth of a zipper, where one side is the human hair structure and the other is KeraTriplex, the alignment is so closely matched that they literally “zip” and form a tight bond within the structure of the hair itself.

Starting at $45 · 25 minutes

Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask

Lavender Mint Deep Conditioning Mineral Hair Mask is soothing and helps strengthen and hydrate moisture-starved hair. This ultra-rich French clay mask hydrates and strengthens moisture-starved hair with restorative minerals. A great add on to a blowout!

$15 · 15 minutes

The Tea Tree Scalp Treatment

Helps prevent moisture loss, anti-static agent A great add on after a mans cut or before a blowout. Tea Tree Oil: A completely natural, non-toxic disinfectant and germicide known for its healing properties; distilled from the leaves of the tea tree. Lavender Oil: Essential oil emits a cool, elegant, floral aroma with woody undertones. Peppermint Oil: has a long tradition of medicinal use; the strong, penetrating aroma has a sweet undertone; soothing and energizing. Tocopheryl Acetate: An antioxidant and free radical scavenger that neutralizes molecules formed by UV radiation and environmental toxins and helps to repair the intercellular moisture barrier. Panthenol: Provides long-lasting moisture, reduces the formation of split ends, thickens hair, provides shine and helps repair surface damage. Salicylic Acid: is a highly effective superficial exfoliating agent, oil reducer and pore cleanser. Shea Butter Fruit: from the West African karite tree that leaves hair soft and improves both wet and dry combing.

$25 · 15 minutes


Curly or just enough wave for body.

Starting at $90 · 2 hours


Hygienic, Disposible, Waterless

Starting at $22 · 45 minutes

Strengthining Manicure

Have weak and brittle nails? Try our recovering system for damaged nails.

$35 · 50 minutes

Gel Polish Manicure

Need a longer lasting mani? Using a gel polish can last up to 2 weeks!

$30 · 50 minutes

SNS Regular Manicure

$35 · 1 hour

SNS French Manicure

$40 · 1 hour

Acrylics Full Set

Starting at $50 · 2 hours

Nail Artwork

Starting at $10.00 this service includes 2 Nails with Art.

Starting at $10 · 30 minutes

Soak off only

Soaking off Artificial Nail ONLY. This service does not include a manicure or cut down. If you book an Artificial Nail Service, your soak off is included. (If you are coming in to remove Artificial Nails not previously done by our Salon, this service should be added in addition to your new set.)

$10 · 30 minutes

Buff Nails Shiny

Manually buffing the Natural Nails to sparkle and shine, polish free. This service does not include a Manicure. Buffing is an ADD ON to a Manicure.

$5 · 10 minutes


$35 · 1 hour

Callus Treatment

Includes Callus Softening Gel Treatment and Manual Pumice Filing. (For more intensive callus removal, including e-file for HARD calluses, please upgrade to Callus Treatment PLUS) *This service is only used as an add on to a Pedicure*

$10 · 5 minutes

Callus Treatment PLUS

Includes Callus Softening Gel Treatment, Manual Pumice File and E-File Exfoliation For HARD Calluses ONLY. *This service is only available as an add on to a Pedicure*

$15 · 15 minutes

Makeup Application

Starting at $45 · 30 minutes

Airbrush Add On

$25 · 30 minutes

Free Consultation

This is great for guests new and loyal who want something new but not sure what to book. Come in and our Stylists will help you decide what looks best. Do you need help with corrective color? Let our stylist help you measure the integrity of your hair and create a custom new look. Your stylist will help you book the proper services and time needed.

Free · 5 minutes

Hair Extensions

Free · 30 minutes


$45 · 30 minutes


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