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It all starts WITH YOU! When you heal and grow, you not only change your life, you create a ripple effect. We are dedicated to sparking that change and empowering you to do the same.

Work with Antoinette to remove limitations and shift your energy, your mindset, and the direction of your life - so that you can put your best out into the world and live the life you've always wanted to live. Freely and happily!
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
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Our Services

Complimentary Discovery Call
Schedule a free discovery call if: You want MORE out of your life, what you're currently experiencing isn't cutting it. You're interested in experiencing the magic of coaching for the first time and with a coach with a different approach! You want to rid yourself of fears, doubts, worry, anxiety, and confusion. You want to step into joy, happiness, fulfillment, excitement, and connection! You're ready to massively up-level your life and change the course of your destiny. Perfect for any ambitious female who is experiencing a life transition, who wants to improve her relationships, and who's ready to step into a bigger, bolder, happier version of herself!
Private Coaching Session
Standard private coaching session with Antoinette that can go in any direction of your choosing - can cover anxiety, stress, worry, feeling stuck or unfulfilled. *Bookable for all existing private clients. Topics most commonly discussed: desire to up-level your life, seeking healing from a relationship or big life transition, overwhelm with work, anxiety, high-stress environments, and improving relationships from marriage to your team at work.
Co-Founder & Executive Coaching
This coaching is for co-founders and executives that are experiencing communication challenges, feeling disconnected, and/or struggling with shifts in your lives or businesses (from financial changes to retention challenges, etc.). These sessions are also for those of you that are fighting toxic energy. There may be one or two leaders that have a pessimistic perspective or tone when the values in your company are positivity and a welcoming culture. Any and all misalignments are crucial to solve as toxic energy and ineffective communication hurts retention, company culture, and ultimately the bottom line! *A Discovery Call is needed prior to booking this session.
Energy Leadership Assessment Debrief
This is for those of you that have already worked with Antoinette and have completed your Energy Assessment. This is for clients that want to see where they are on paper energetically. ELI assesses your level of consciousness and energy - meaning, it gives you a clear picture on where you are now from an attitude and satisfaction perspective. Think Myers-Briggs but instead of personality, it measures your attitude toward life. Do you want to make more things happen in your life, create, and take action? Are you sick of staying in one place, feeling stagnant, and bored? Do you want to feel more passionate, more fulfilled, and more in love with your life? Are you seeking more productive and positive connections in your life and at work? Are your leadership skills flailing and feeling weaker than usual, and you need to reset how you approach your team/company? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this is for you!

Our Staff

Antoinette Beauchamp
Antoinette is a Certified Professional Life Coach, IPEC., ELI- MP., and 200-hr RYT, and has a BA in Communications from Purdue University. She work with clients to build and discover their most empowering gifts and strengths, and to see opportunities in all areas of their lives and themselves. Using mindfulness techniques, intuitive guidance, coaching tools, and other spiritual modalities, she guides clients toward embracing their lives with confidence, enthusiasm, and high energy. Antoinette works with entrepreneurs, creatives, and dreamers to increase their confidence, trust, positivity and more so that they can show up as the BEST version of themselves in all areas of their lives and create the lives they truly want!

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