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Mediumship Reading
In this session I connect you with your loved ones to give you clarity, insight, and closure. It is very important to connect to them after they have passed to gain closure. After this connection is made you can finally begin the healing process. Using my gifts of clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, claircognizance and clairempathy, I will give you your message you need to hear.
Addition Person Fee
This fee is for one person to share your 50 min session. Session time total is 50 mins for 2 guests.
Spiritual Healing Session
Spiritual healing is needed for everyday life stressors. We discuss the main areas of stress in your life and come up with a plan or solution to aid these stressors or issues. This spiritual counseling helps with depression, anxiety, grieving and other areas of negativity that may be building in your life.
Angelic Channeling for Mind, Body and Soul Healing
Angelic Channeling for Mind, Body and Soul Healing In this session I will channel our magnificent team of Angels to aid in this healing process. Using Divine White light I will move through your body clearing away the energies that no longer serve you, and replacing those energies with loving, divine energy to help aid you in the best possible outcome. I will center and balance 7 major chakras. I will rebalance and ground your energy using natural healing crystals and sound bowls. I will use natural White Sage to remove any and all energy that no longer serves you. I use Palo Santo to comfort and help heal you. This session helps with: Emotional Anxiety Fear Low Energy levels Heart decisions PTSD Aches/Pains Sickness Bad Luck Addiction Depression
Life Path Guidence
Life Path Guidence In this reading I will tune into your Spirit Guide to provide insight and guidance into a specific aspect of your life. This could be your career, relationships, or anything that applies to your life path! We will discuss options that are necessary for you to get on a path of happiness.
Spiritual Badass 101
In this session you learn how to use Sage, Essential Oils and Healing Crystals. All of these amazing tools are included in the kit which is all incudled in the price.

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