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One on One Training

$85 · 1 hour

Group Classes-Unlimited

Unlimited Group classes

This is for unlimited classes and billed monthly $175 · 1 hour

Group Classes- 3 x a week

Group classes 3x a week

This membership is for 3 x a week and billed monthly $105 · 1 hour

Introductory Class

Intro Class

This fee will be applied to first months membership if you join $25 · 1 hour

Nutrition Coaching


Nutrition coaching includes 30 min per week “FaceTime” to discuss challenges and goals $100 · 30 minutes

Personal Training-3x a week

Personal training 3x

Price is per week for 3 1 hour sessions $180 · 1 hour

Personal Training-2x a week

Personal training 2x a week

Price is per week $135 · 1 hour


Jeremy Loo