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Tattoo Appointment

Please be sure to connect with your artist regarding size/color/placement prior to your appointment.

Price varies · 2 hours

Get What You Get

Wanna tattoo but not sure what to get? Roll the dice and get a tattoo from our “Get What You Get” machine! Placement is limited to arms and legs.

1 hour 15 minutes

Glow Up

Old tattoo need some love? Let’s give it some life!

1 hour 15 minutes

In Person Consultation

Stop by the shop for some [masked] face to face tattoo talk!

30 minutes

Over the Phone Consultation

No video? No problem! Lets connect old school!

30 minutes

Facetime Consultation

Safely connect with your artist!

30 minutes

Zoom Consultation Call

Be sure to check your email 1 hour prior to your appointment for the Zoom link!

30 minutes

Aftercare Questions

Unsure that you are using the right aftercare products? Give us a shout!

30 minutes


S.D. Marcella Watson