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Chiropractic adjustments may be tailored with segment, posture, or extremity adjusting components.

10 minutes

1a. consultation

Schedule a time to speak with Dr. John.

Free · 30 minutes

1b. Evaluation, spine check

Comprehensive examination, postural review, spine check. Can include appropriate ortho, neuro, functional movement checks, along with joints and muscles outside the spine. Can complete consultation first and decide to proceed with evaluation.

1 hour

1c. Imaging review

New or existing x-rays can be reviewed with Posture Ray, a digital measurement program that helps Dr. John determine how he can best help you. Can occur on first day with existing images, or on second visit after recommended x-rays.

30 minutes

Golf Performance Evaluation

Comprehensive evaluation consisting of: -discussion of golf and health related goals and limitations. -golf swing video evaluation. -Titleist Performance Institute functional movement evaluation to assess capabilities and limitations in the golf swing. -spine and joint evaluation with range of motion, and orthopedic assessment. -Recommendations for collaboration with medical, fitness, and/or PGA teaching professionals.

1 hour 30 minutes

Professional meeting

Free · 30 minutes

Professional meeting

Free · 1 hour


John Gould