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Keratin Eyelash Lift

Perfect choice for women with naturally long lashes or medium size lashes. It lifts lashes and opens eyes, contributing to a magnetic, seductive glare.The Keratin Lash Lift is an innovative lash perm that straightens lashes at the root, creating an aesthetically pleasing effect of lifted, longer, sultry lashes. The result will last for 6-8 weeks.

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Eyelash Extensions Full Set

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Eyelash Fills

During this service we remove some old extensions that grew out already or extensions that look loose and we place new extensions on its place.

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Eyelash Tinting

$20 · 15 minutes

Eyelash Extension removal

$30 · 15 minutes

Microblading and Permanent Make Up

The latest semipermanent eyebrow procedure. During the microblading process we use a special microblading pen to draw on individual strokes one by one and it looks just like real hairs. Should last up to 18 month. Top level technician provides microblading service

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Permanent Lip Color Procedure

This Permanent Lip Treatment enhances the beauty of your natural lips and helps to correct asymmetry, adding definition and fullness

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BB Glow Treatment

Foundation Effect for a year! BB Glow Treatment offers more visible benefits than most other facial treatments. It provides immediate coverage and long-lasting beauty without overstimulating the skin. The results are visible wrinkle improvement, even skin tone, and glow all at the same time. BB Glow treatments can help reduce freckles and lighten the skin. It also helps with discoloration of the skin caused by acne and photoaging (age spots). ​

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Carboxy Therapy

Carboxytherapy is a safe, minimally invasive, clinically proven method to rejuvenate, restore and recondition the skin. Carboxy Gel is safe for all skin types and immediate results can be seen in just the first treatment.

$150 · 1 hour


Discover the visible results of a customized Bioelements facial - from "no downtime" chemical peels and clinical strength acne treatments, to powerful skin firming and targeted pollution-neutralizition. Experience a Bioelements treatment designed just for you.

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Facial Massage

Is the massage your favorite part of a facial? If you said yes, then our facial massages are for you. Our 50-minute facial massages are uniquely customized to meet your needs and preferences. We guarantee you won't find massages like this anywhere else. Each massage features skin-enhancing essential oils that are specially selected for your needs. From collagen-boosting to a lymphatic draining, we have a facial massage that is right for you.

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Brow Lamination

Eyebrow Lamination is for unruly eyebrows and eyebrows that stick out. It is also best used on eyebrows that grow down, are straight or don’t have an arch. The treatment can redirect the natural growth of your eyebrows to give you a nice, natural arch. Your brows will be richer in color while looking healthy and strong. There’ll be no need to have an eyebrow pencil anymore.

$130 · 1 hour

Eyebrow Design

Using only the finest wax, we will wax, trim, tweeze your eyebrows to give you a face-framing, to-die-for arch. Tinting can add fullness to over-plucked brows, We use a gentle vegetable based tint, which is very safe on hair and skin. It colors brows and the underlying skin for up to 3 weeks.

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Lip wax

$10 · 5 minutes





Corina Microblading





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