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New Patient Visit + Treatment

You'll be taken through a thorough examination in order to pin-point what's causing your pain. From there we'll address any questions that you may have so that you are informed as much as possible. We then provide treatment (something that other clinics may make you come back for later that day or the next day) so that you can become pain-free ASAP. Treatment will always vary from patient-to-patient, but typically you can expect a chiropractic adjustment preceded by electrical stimulation with heat to help relax any tight or achy muscles.

$87 · 1 hour

Acute/Active Care Visit

Select this option if you are an established patient currently dealing with a painful musculoskeletal condition or are looking for additional care above and beyond what our Wellness Visit has to offer. These visits typically last 20-30 minutes and include muscle/soft-tissue work and/or rehabilitative exercises (as well as a chiropractic adjustment with heat and electrical stimulation).

$59 · 30 minutes

Wellness Visit

Select this option if you are an established patient without any musculoskeletal complaints. These visits typically last 10-20 minutes and include a chiropractic adjustment with optional heat and electrical stimulation for muscle relaxation.

$49 · 20 minutes