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Physical therapy evaluation

Full body assessment with treatment time.

$135 · 55 minutes

Physical therapy follow-up

$110 · 55 minutes

Physical therapy follow up

$55 · 30 minutes

Physical therapy follow up-student rate

$88 · 55 minutes

In Home Physical Therapy Evaluation

Available within a 25 minute travel range.

$160 · 55 minutes

In Home Physical Therapy follow-up

55 minute session bringing the clinic to you and what ever will be needed in your rehabilitation.

$135 · 55 minutes

In Home Wellness Service

If you enjoy the comfort of your home, but want some guidance with your workout program we can help. We can also provide easy to follow on-line video tutorials for your exercise program.

$115 · 55 minutes

Performance services

Functional movement screen, corrective exercises, mobility/ stability /strength work, gait analysis, postural restoration, performance drills any more.

$110 · 55 minutes

Wellness visit

$88 · 55 minutes

Custom service

Price Varies · 55 minutes

Blake Russell