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Hypnosis session with Kathy

First session with Kathy Lindert is a One on One session for 2 hour.

Call us $300 · 2 hours

Quit Smoking 2 hour Session

Quit Smoking and get healthy. You will learn techniques to help you over come the cravings and feel in control. Book Now - Why Wait?

Call us $300 · 2 hours

Weight Loss 2 hour Session with Kathy

Weight Loss Session with Kathy Lindert First session is a one on one 2 hour session to get you on the right path to get rid of the weight.

Call us $300 · 2 hours

Hypnosis Follow Up session

One hour follow up session with Kathy Lindert. Must be a client in order to book the one hour session.

Call Us $150 · 1 hour


Kathy Lindert