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Hypnosis - ONLINE ONLY

Hypnosis can help with anything you would like to do. Stop Smoking, be more Confident, Heal, improve your Self-Esteem, Call for a phone consultation to see if hypnosis is right for you. 607-732-9911

$111.11 · 1 hour

HypnoHealing - ONLINE ONLY

Here Kate combines Reiki and Hypnosis to guide you through your healing with words, suggestions, and hands on healing. She creates a safe environment for you to explore the healing of your own body.

$111.11 · 1 hour


Is QHHT right for me? QHHT is right for you if… …you are curious about hypnosis, you want to experience it, but don’t really have anything specific you feel you need to change. …you have health concerns you want to improve.* …you have multiple issues (habits, fears, patterns of behavior) you want to improve. …you have questions about your life and your relationships. …you feel stuck, and you want to grow personally and/or spiritually. * QHHT is intended for personal self-exploration and information only, and is not, in any way meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or psychiatric conditions, nor replace care provided by a licensed health care practitioner.

$333.33 · 5 hours

Channeling Your Higher Self - ONLINE ONLY

This is a deep guided meditation experience. We will begin with a relaxation meditation then move on to asking the questions you brought, seeking the answers only our higher self can channel. This will be a conversational Q&A with that deepest, all-knowing part of your subconscious, and all of your questions are explored, allowing for wonderful insights, resolution, and inspired guidance – and thereby aiding growth and positive change in the present and the future. NOTE: Come with questions written neatly, we will go over them before we start. You will receive a recording of the session at the end.

$155.55 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Reiki - a calm, relaxing feeling , reducing stress and promotes self-healing. This can be done on site or remotely.

$75 · 1 hour



Kate is the owner of The Healing & Learning Center. During these times of COVID-19 she has moved all her clients to online only appointments.