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Welcome and thank you for visiting! Whether you are looking for a Selenite & Sound Session or a Coffee Consultation, this is the right place. This is also where you can purchase my jewelry and various other Selenite and Sound Items. Selenite Crystals clear, balance and open our energy, emotions, body and mind. These stones made out of 100 million year old ocean water are not only the largest found crystals on the planet but are also considered by many people to be THE "Awakening Stones." They have been used for hundreds of years by healers to clear other crystals and now they are being used on us. Selenite Rocks!!
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Selenite & Sound ™ Session
Complete Bliss. Lay back and sink deep into that space between wakefulness and sleep as you listen to the soft tones of singing bowls & pyramids. Selenite crystals are placed on your torso, in your hands, beneath your head and feet and over your eyes in a pillow. The pyramids are played over each of your energy centers to align and balance your energy field. Then you receive Reiki by light touch on your head, neck, shoulders, upper chest, abdomen. hips, legs and feet. The session ends with the crystalline sounds. Joyful Healing in Norwell, MA or Dragonflies & Amber in Hopedale, MA
Just Reiki or Just Sound
99.9% of everything that exists in the physical, is energy. Through intention, focus and training, we all can channel that energy (chi) to flow through our hands to help each other feel better. As I work, you will feel my hands becoming hot as your body draws the energy in. It flows where it is most needed. This energy is offered with a gentle touch directly on or, if you prefer, slightly above your body. Soothing, relaxing music plays in the background. I listen to and feel your body and energy field, and move intuitively where I am directed to work. In this way, my Reiki is non-traditional. It has been influenced by the other trainings I have had over the past 25 years in Shamanism, Intuitive Development and The Melchizadek Method. Joyful Healing in Norwell, MA or Dragonflies & Amber in Hopedale, MA
Clearing The Energy In Your Home Or Office
Selenite clears negative energy. Crystal Singing Pyramids also clear and seal energetic fields. Selenite & Sound is a powerful way to clear property and buildings, rooms and spaces. I use a variety of tools to clear: bowls, pyramids, Selenite, Sage, Incense, prayer, conversation, coaching, intuition and energy flow. Prices start at $250.00. Average cost (including travel time within a 1 hour drive) for entire home $300.00.
Coffee Consultation
Casual, informative, fast and effective. I love to get to the point and address the things that stand in the way of your Dream Job! You & I, at a coffee shop near you. (Massachusetts & parts of Rhode Island) Whether you need help with your business concepts, direction of work, logo layout, marketing materials, web design, business strategies, E-commerce or prosperity mindset, and a Pep Talk, I am here to help.
Discounnted Coffee Consultation
For those who have taken one of my classes.

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