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Product Purchase

Product Purchase Select this option when you would like to purchase a Sunstone product and have it ready for you at your appointment. let us know in the comment section of the service selection what product you would like. It will be charged it in addition to any payments that are required for service. You can also order the product online at Let us know when you book your appointment that you ordered something so that we can have it ready for you at the appointment.

Varies depending on Price · 5 minutes

Postpartum Visit

4 Options

Pelvic Circulation Massage Appointment with Juvenal At Sunstone Maternity

Recommended during the last couple weeks of pregnancy. 1-2 are Recommended. This massage is a very hands on. It will help the circulation that goes from the back, down the legs, and the vaginal tissue. It will work the circulation where the tissue darken during labor from circulation being cut off and pressure.

Cash, Check, or Venmo (gwenjuvenal) $35 · 30 minutes

Massage with Gwen Juvenal At Sunstone Maternity

$35 · 30 minutes

Massage with Gwen Juvenal At Sunstone Maternity

$65 · 1 hour

Initial Prenatal

Our first appointment is free! During this appointment we will cover topics including: Lab testing Required What equipment we carry How we set up for a birth A medical history on you resources you can use during pregnancy Our practice of midwifery- Health based, herbal based, and hands on midwives. Payment First Check up And more

2 Options


Sunstone Maternity Client- For those clients who are paying for a packaged Midwifery Care deal only. If you are breaking payments up we recommend paying $50 per prenatal. We can run your card for you when you arrive your at your appointment. Please remember to wash your hands and use hand sanitizer at your appointment. Please reschedule your appointment if you are feeling sick or another family member is sick.

6 Options

Lab Testing

Lab testing for the client. Date determined by midwife. Client will pay for testing fees through insurance/ thier own. Please Note there is a cancelation fee with this service. The base price is the price paying for the service. it will not include the price that is billed to your insurance.

3 Options

Ultrasound Appointment

Appointment at Sunstone Maternity. Date to be determined by Midwife.

3 Options

Pre conception

2 Types: 1: Prep your body for pregnancy consult. Information on nutritionally prepping for pregnancy, Prep your body for a healthy pregnancy. 4 month prep including the use of herbs, vitamins, and exercising. Cleanse the body and strengthen different organs to prevent problems that arise during pregnancy. 2: Conception Issues: Infertility, and other preconception issues. If laboratory tests are requested, they are an additional cost. Topics Covered- * periods * thyroid * More

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Non Client Consult with Raili Bjarnson

Someone who is not a Sunstone Maternity Client who wants to discuss: *Herbs to use during pregnancy *discussion of different emergency birth Kits from Sunstone *Herbs to use after pregnancy for the healing process *The use of headspace for hospital or home birth *Breastfeeding tools that I can find after birth *Recomended Yoga classes for birth *Information about viruses that can cause problems for fetal development *Information about Call the Midwife group *Information about Classes happening at Sunstone Maternity This meeting is with Raili Bjarnson

$20 · 30 minutes

6 Week Post Partum

6 Week post partum *Discuss recovery with midwives *Recomendations from midwives on vitamins and herbs *Purchasing of additional Sunstone Formulas Herbs *Discuss Midwives Recomendations for next birth *Optional talking about Birth spacing, control options *Disscusion about what to be taking before getting pregnant again

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Raili Bjarnson