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Pick up / Delivery

Blacksmith Cycle offers a flat rate on our door-to-door pick up within Toronto, which includes drop off. If you opt to have your bike Overhauled, we will include Pick up and Delivery

$39.99 · 30 minutes

Custom Bicycle Consultation

Consultations can be done in person or remotely. Our process starts with discussions about your current or last bike, typical riding goals, budget, stylistic desires, modern component and spec options, and more to embark on the proper path to find your dream bike, and also to determine which of our fitting methods will be best suited for you.

$299.99 · 3 hours

Overhaul / Tear Down

Restores you bike to better than new! Includes: - strip down to bare frame - safety inspection of frame, fork, and components - drive-train inspected for ware and parts cleaned/replaced as necessary (we will contact you with a quote before installing any new parts or doing any work not previously agreed upon) - hubs inspected and cleaned if necessary/possible (some hubs such as Shimano and Chris King can be thoroughly cleaned and rebuilt but this is treated as an additional service. We will contact you with a quote if it's deemed that an in-depth service is needed) - all bearings inspected for life, replaced as needed (again you will be quoted for what is deemed necessary) - new cables included for mechanical Shimano and Sram bikes (Campagnolo cable kits are an additional $45-$100 depending on quality) - rotors trued and brakes bleed (if applicable) - wheels trued - re-assembly of bike as if it were a brand new build of our own - Free Pick up and Drop off

$299.99 · 4 hours

Full Tune Up

Our mechanics start each Tune up with a full inspection and safety check on each bike. We'll completely clean and lubricate the drivetrain, clean your cassette and wheels, adjust the gearing, and detail your bike head-to-toe. Our goal is the have your looking better than the day you purchased it.

$149.99 · 1 hour

Analog Bike Fitting

Our Analog Bike Fitting starts with us discussing the kind of riding you are aspiring to do. Whether it's weekend riding, crit racing, or gravel, a proper bike fit will elevate your riding experience. Our fitters employ different methodology and techniques depending on each riders; experience, physiology, limitations and riding style.

$150 · 1 hour