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Tattoo deal . LARGE SCALE flat rate

A flat rate price for any large scale CUSTOM new piece (so not for in progress projects). Size depends on which flat rate option you choose (excluding full back or leg). Please feel free to ask which option your project can qualify for: _____ $500 . About 12" inches *** $700 . Bigger than 12" inches _____ Must pay IN FULL to reserve deal! + Booking this reserves the deal AND books your consultation (if needed)! + Only TWO spaces available per month. First come first serve. + [small tax applied for online booking or come in person to reserve with cash] NON REFUNDABLE. ____ MORE INFO: ______ BENEFITER PERK: $25 off $500 , $50 off $700 Benefit program:

$1,000 · 1 hour


Consultation for either tattoo or wall art: for the full hour, I'll sketch ideas as we explore the options! Online is meet on discord: see or f.a.q. for link. : 1 design = you choose one design sketch I take to a final version. : 2-3 designs = you choose 2-3 sketches I take to final versions you can choose from to be your tattoo. Fee only goes designing time, does not go towards tattoo. : online = consultation is held on discord. See f.a.q. $20 Fee goes towards tattoo. [Free for benefit members] : color palette = For those looking to color test to see how different colors interact with their melanin: I'll tattoo 1 small dot of at least 6 colors. 2 steps upon arrival: 1. consultation to explore potential design (1hr). 2. mini tattoo session to put the color palette wherever you wish. (30 min). . More info: Please read MORE INFO: booking means you read, understand, and agree to everything mentioned there.

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tattoo session

Only for AFTER we've decided on a design. ONE tattoo booking per day, so YOU are the sole focus! Deposit goes towards your tattoo. : Deposit= For your first session only! : In progress= Only for continuing a tattoo project in progress. : Touch up= Only for touching up a finished tattoo project : Benefiter= MUST be a member at the time of your booking. : Reserved= for those who reserved or pre-paid. ..Current hourly rate: see front page ..Recommended Max session: 5 hrs. . Bring full payment for however many hours you want. ($rate x hours = ...) . Payment for session to be collected BEFORE beginning the session that day. . More info: Please read MORE INFO: booking means you read, understand, and agree to everything mentioned there.

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Owner and Sole artist

'fÿd mí ink' is the tattooing artistry and on-site location of fydbac, llc: the art career of Jainai Jeffries, an LA raised black woman who've maintained an art career since Fall 2009, and established as an LLC in 2017. Where their goal is to eradicate the mundane, mediocre, and the cliche through their storytelling: tattooing, illustrations/paintings, comics, concept design, and etc.