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Not too sure where your mission fits? Choose this Service and we can help find where your mission best fits!

Depends on your mission! · 1 hour

Aerial Photography (General)

Get some amazing photos of your property, event, or site! Price varies depending on mission. We will contact you after you book so we can learn how to best serve you!

Price Varies - Starts $150/hour, 1 hour min. · 1 hour

Aerial Video (HD)

Need HD aerial video for your project, event or client? We have you covered! Price varies on mission parameters.

Starts $180/hr. 1 Hour Min. · 1 hour

Aerial Video (4K)

Just like our HD video services, but full 4K resolution! Slightly higher cost due to larger video file sizes.

Starts approx. $200/hr, 1 hour min. · 30 minutes

Aerial Photo and Video Bundle (Real Estate)

Are you an agent or private seller looking to list your property with professional photography, video and graphics? Look no further! A.S.A.P. is here to save the day! Price may vary depending on mission.

Price may vary on mission $300 · 1 hour

Aerial Photography (Construction)

Need photos done of your construction project? We have a LOT of experience working with construction companies, and they have used our media for marketing, insurance, surveillance, stage-summaries, and much more!

$180 · 30 minutes

Editing (Photo or film)

We also do professional photo or video editing! Price varies per project, but we generally charge $50/hr with 1 hr min.

$50 · 1 hour


Want to have a 1 hour call about the Canadian Drone Industry? Transport Canada knowledge requirements for the basic or Advanced RPAS exams? Or even just questions on starting your own drone business or Special Flight Operators Certificate? Book a call today!

$50 · 1 hour

Drone Educational Lecture

Are you a school? Organization? Friend or family group or a bunch of individuals who are interested in a 2 hour lecture of Canadian Drone Safety and knowlege? A.S.A.P. is here to help! With over 7 years of industry experience, we can help you with a customized 2 hour presentation on a topic(s) of your choice!

Please contact us for more information · 2 hours 30 minutes

Special Flight Operators Certificate

Need help with an Special Flight Operators Certificate? Contact us today!

Starts at around $300, varies upon project size! · 1 hour


Henry Baillie-Brown