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Ashiatsu DeepFeet Bar Therapy

A barefoot massage technique in which the therapist delivers deep, broad, consistent pressure while utilizing their feet and body weight. Only available to book with Hanni Peterson, LMT and Virginia White, LMT.

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Restorative Yoga with Hanni

The intention of this class is to relax as far as possible into the postures, using as little physical effort as possible. The mind focuses on the breath in order to cultivate mindfulness and release tension from the body. Restorative yoga classes are relaxing and slow paced, with a whole sequence using as few as five or six postures which are held for long periods of time. Props are also used in order to allow the body to be in the most comfortable, supported position possible. This may include bolsters, blankets, blocks and belts. Gentle music is played, and the practice may be combined with guided meditation. Restorative yoga stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which slows the heart rate, regulates the blood pressure and relaxes the body. As such, Restorative yoga is considered particularly beneficial for those suffering from anxiety, insomnia or headaches, as well as other stress-related conditions. Restorative yoga is believed to boost the immune system and accelerate the body's natural healing process.

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Vinyasa Yoga with Ashlee

A flow-based vinyasa practice that is suited for strong beginners on up. There will be opportunties to modify or strengthen your practice through the use of props and verbal adjustments. Class will include an intentional philosophical theme at the beginning, inviting you to dive deeper within. Mantra, breath-work and meditation may also be included to guide you into a greater sense of self reflection. Enjoy a longer savasana at the end to honor your hard work.

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Deep Tissue Therapeutic Massage

This massage focuses on releasing fascial adhesions and chronic muscle tension resulting in muscles that are more flexible, supple, and have greater range of motion.

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Swedish Relaxing Massage

Light to firm pressure coupled with long, sweeping strokes and kneading are used across multiple focus areas, promoting circulation and well-being.

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+ CBD Boost

Enhance the pain relieving benefits of your massage by adding a CBD Boost! Choose from several scents to complement the objective of your session.

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+ Aromatherapy

Add a single scent or aromatherapy blend to your session to ease stress, boost energy, improve sleep, clear your sinuses, or relieve a headache. We have a traditional selection of doTERRA essential oils for you to choose from.

$10 · 5 minutes

+ Peppermint Foot Scrub

Soothe your achy and tired feet with a refreshing and softening peppermint foot scrub.

$10 · 5 minutes

+ Cupping Therapy

Free · 5 minutes


The application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands, and ears to relax and alleviate stress. This technique is based on the theory that areas on the feet correspond to organs and systems of the body. Only available to book with Hanni Peterson, LMT.

$70 · 30 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

A specialty massage using heated basalt stones to promote deeper relaxation and melt away muscular tension. Cool marble stones are available for contrast therapy to create a dynamic, invigorating experience and balance body heat. Only available to book with Hanni Peterson, LMT

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Prenatal Massage

Bodywork that focuses on alleviating the common aches and pains related to pregnancy. May ease muscular tension, improve circulation, and relieve mental and physical fatigue. Only available to book with Hanni Peterson, LMT.

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Pediatric Massage - Ages 8 to 17

Techniques may include stretching, yoga, compression over clothing, and traditional Swedish. Regular massage for children and adolescents may reduce anxiety, depression, growing pains as well as improve sleeping habits. Young athletes may find massage increases their flexibility and function of muscles and joints. Parents are always encouraged to be present in the room with children and for teenagers it is up to their discretion. Only available to book with Hanni Peterson, LMT.

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Myofascial Release Massage

Alternative manual therapy technique that addresses the connective tissue surrounding bone structure and muscles which improves elasticity and injury recovery. Only available to book with Jeff Hawkins, LMT.

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Thai Massage

A combination of assisted yoga stretching, Ayurveda, acupressure, and traditional Chinese Medicine used to open energy lines (sen) and improve overall flexibility and range of motion. Clients should wear loose, comfortable clothes or flexible garments (yoga attire) that don't restrict any movements. Only available to book with Jeff Hawkins, LMT.

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Couples Massage Instruction

Spice up date night by learning a massage routine to pamper your sweetheart! During this private massage instruction, you will learn much more than a five-minute shoulder rub. You and your partner will be guided through massage techniques aimed to soothe muscles and induce relaxation. At the end of class, you will have the skills to give your sweetheart a one hour massage sure to create a new and exciting connection through touch!

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Ashlee Moll, RYT
Hanni Peterson, LMT

Hanni has been a licensed massage therapist since 2004. She graduated from the Nevada School of Massage Therapy in Las Vegas. She has experience working in massage settings ranging from wellness clinics to health clubs to resort spas. Utilizing a variety of techniques, Hanni takes an integrative approach in her sessions where her clients receive a personalized, effective massage. In addition to traditional massage modalities, she loves to practice reflexology, cupping therapy, hot stone, and Ashiatsu.

Jeff Hawkins, LMT

Jeff is a Licensed Massage Therapist with more than eight years of clinical and spa experience. He is a graduate of the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage and has additional training in Traditional Thai Massage from the Thai Bodywork School of Thai Massage in Evanston, IL and Thai Institute in Arlington, VA. He also is certified in Myofascial Release massage.

Taymi De La Paz, LMT

Taymi is a 2010 graduate of the National Massage Therapy Institute (NMTI). Her passion for bodywork is reflected in her warm and sincere approach to massage. She integrates a variety of modalities in the session, such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, trigger point, sport massage, and stretching to relieve pain and tension as well as promote deep relaxation. Her additional training includes Thai Massage, Aromatherapy Facial Massage, Digestive Ailments, Anxiety Disorders and Massage Qigong Healing and Breathing.

Virginia White, LMT

Virginia has a thoughtful and thorough approach which works to pinpoint and target the underlying issues that cause chronic pain in addition to treating and relaxing the body as a whole. ​She believes that every person has unique challenges and preferences, and she prides herself in being able to hone-in to the needs of each individual. She has a vast knowledge of various therapeutic modalities. Her passion for her craft and the precision of her methods translates seamlessly to the wellbeing of her clients.