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Free Eyebrow Microblading Consultation

Enjoy a 20 minute consultation to learn about our 7 eyebrow designs as well as ask any questions you may have regarding eyebrow microblading

Free · 30 minutes

Free Eyelash Liner Consultation

In 20 minutes, learn how our eyelash liner can create the beautiful look that accentuates your eyes and gives a youthful glow

Free · 30 minutes

Eyebrow Microblading Consultation & Procedure Appointment

For those that know they are ready to experience the natural beauty and convenience of eyebrow microblading. Have your consultation and design session, then let our artists create your perfect brows without having to schedule a second, later appointment

2 hours

Eyelash Liner Consultation & Procedure Appointment

No one likes runny eyeliner, thankfully now we never have to deal with it again! Set up your appointment to have your eyelash liner consultation then have your eyelash liner applied right afterward, no need to make a later appointment

2 hours

18 Month Touchup (Eyebrows/Eyelash Liner/Lips)

For existing clients of Perfection Permanent Makeup, take advantage of our long-term touch-up plan. Come in for a touch-up before the 18 month mark from your original procedure and get a great discount!

Based on Artist · 1 hour 30 minutes

Lip Liner, Blending, or Coloring

Looking to emphasize the color or shape of your lips, our lip services can give you exactly what you are looking for!

2 hours

Diamond Lashes

Our premier service for eyelash extension, consisting of 80-100 triple lashes/eye. Arrange in a natural fan shape allows you to have thick, full lashes while still maintaining natural appeal

2 Options

Volume Lashes

Volume set adds serious depth to your lashes with 60-80 lashes/eye. This look will draw people into your gaze while still maintaining the natural eyelash look

2 Options

Classic Lashes

Enjoy the classic look with 40-60 lashes/eye for a full set. A great way to accentuate your look

2 Options

Lash Lift

Curl your lashes to give them esthetic beauty and help your eyes look bright and vibrant!

$95 · 1 hour

Alice - Permanent Makeup Artist

Alice is a passionate and creative permanent makeup artist with 3+ years of experience, including 1 year direct training under Master Artist Recy Wang. She cares deeply for her clients' beauty needs and has trained tirelessly to ensure you achieve the best results. Her passion for creating beauty spans TV makeup, studio makeup with professional actors, TV crews, and photographers. She is excited to show clients her passion as part of the Perfection Permanent Makeup team!

Penny - Advanced Artist

Penny is an Advanced Artist working with clients to achieve carefree makeup they can rely on no matter what life throws at them. Penny has 6 years of permanent makeup experience and has apprenticed directly under our Master Artist Recy Wang for over 2 years, specializing in beautiful hair-stroke and powdered eyebrow designs, as well as full, natural eyelash extensions.

Recy Wang - Master Artist

Recy Wang is the founder and creator of Perfection Permanent Makeup with 13 years of permanent makeup experience. She is the heartbeat that has driven her company to become the premier permanent makeup and microblading studio on the east coast. Recy strives to achieve perfection in every aspect of her work with every client.