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Body Contouring

Ask about our $100 off coupon for Body Contour with 4 Week Weight-loss Plan First-time clients that want to experience how to naturally break down fat with non-Invasive Body Treatments that breakdown unwanted fat with Ultrasound Cavitation, Vibrating Plate and then sculpted by Wood Therapy. Treatments 2 per week is required and does not exceed 4 weeks. Preferably twice a week. Vibrational plate, Endo therapy, Wood Therapy, 360 cavitation, Manual Body Contour with 5 Week Weight-loss Plan has 1 month of Products included :Multi-Vitamin, Detox Tea and NRG (energy and fat burner supplement) as well as a Sauna Pod Session at the end of each session for 5 weeks ( 2 times a week )

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Sauna Pod

Burn up to 1000 Calories in Session Sauna pod session typically 30 min, treatments may require additional time for preparation. Sweatalicious - Alleviate and wrap to upper arms, abs and thighs plus body bag and rejuvenate spray Saunalicious - Alleviate cream and wrap to upper arms abs and thighs and rejuvenate spray Mini Saunalicious - Regular session Sauna Pod Package - Alleviate and wrap to upper arms, abs, and thigh and finish with rejuvenate spray. 6 sessions

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Suanalicious Suites

10% same day book discount - only one per customer Detoxify and Massage Sweat - Slimming Wrap plus light lymphatic massage Vitamin Immunity - Complimentary Liquid Vitamin Shot Immune Boosting Sweat - Complimentary Immunity Tea Beverage Sauna Suite Sweat - Regular Sauna

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Saunalicious Suite Membership

All memberships are on autopay and require a card on file as well as 14 day written notice of cancellation to studio email UNLIMITED SAUNA MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS: Unlimited Sauana Sessions May request Add On for 84.99 (30 min bodywork session) Ask about our Add Ons if you have any questions. 10% off products 4 Sauna Buddy Passes (1 per week, each pass must be for a new client only, please call when booking your buddy pass so that we confirm the availability for a sauna suite.)

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Intro Rate Sauna Session

First time Sauna Session Discount, limited one per person.

$24.99 · 30 minutes

Weight-loss Program

Appetite Be Gone 1 Month Program Includes: Month supply of Detox Tea, Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Fat-burner (NRG) or Appetite Suppressant (Resolution). Weekly check in with weight, measurements, sauna session and consultation for any questions. Slimming Detox 3 Month Program Includes: 3 Month supply of Detox Tea, Liquid Multi-Vitamin, Fat-burner (NRG), Appetite Suppressant (Resolution) and samples with a coupon for Body Contour Session.

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Bodylicious Cast Wrap

Full Body Mummy Cast Wrap we send you home in and you remove 24 hours later at home. (Arms, Upper body and thighs)

$79.99 · 45 minutes

Add Ons

Additional services added on to other services. Mini Butt Facial - Butt Scrub and Mask Mini Back Facial - Back Scrub and Mask

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Spa Party Packages

Spa Entertainment combined with mini sessions for a Rejuvenating Social Event. 2 1/2 hours Book on Saturday and Sundays Only!! Non-Refundable Deposit is required in order to book party. 42 Hour Cancellation or Rescheduling Notice is Required in order to apply deposit to another date. Spa Party Packages are for 5 people and each type includes their own services: Brunch, Sip and Sauna $150/person -Waffle Bar -Saunalicious Mimosa Bar -Sauna Suites -Face Mask -Foot Bath -Mini Neck and Back Massage Pretty Girl Sauana Soirée $135/person -Sauna -Signature Saunalicious Beverage -Mini Body Sculpt -Body Wrap -Face Mask Reconnect and Relax Spa Party $125/person -Sauna Suite -Herbal Foot Bath -Saunalicious Signature CBD Beverage -CBD Face Mask

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Spa Day For Two

Book any day of the week for a Spa Day! Spa Entertainment combined with mini services for two. 1 1/2 hour session Non Refundable Deposit Required to book session. Need 42 hour notice for cancellation or rebooking, if not done so deposit will not be applied for a later date. Get Fit Fun Spa Day $135/person -Sauna Suite -Signature Saunalicious Beverage -Mini Body Sculpt -Body Wrap -Face Mask Relax and Recharge $125/person -Sauna Suite -Herbal Foot Bath -Saunalicious Signature CBD Beverage -Face Mask

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Coaching Session with Dior

$25 · 45 minutes

Pretty Girl Slim Membership

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Body Facials

Back and Butt Facial, exfoliate, tones and tightens skin. Facials include mini massage on focused area of work. Back Facials include: back scrub, back mask and mini neck massage. Butt Facials include: butt scrub, butt mask, micro current on thighs.

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April Deals/Stimmy Deals

All Descriptions Provided on Instagram Daily in our Stories for each Deal of the Month! Call for any questions! STIMMY DEAL: MUST PAY IN FULL ( 4 weeks, 8 sessions, 1 type of package) Pick between: Body Contour Cellulite Treatment Booty Lift End of April mummy wrap- (full body Wrap) must be purchased and book within the month of april

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Body Contouring Maintenance

Maintaining your beauty and your body can be expensive. We know how important up-keeping is so we created a package so you can maintain your figure while saving money. Unlimited Sauna Maintenance gives you 45 minute Sauna sessions for the month at $174.99 per month and then allows you to schedule 40 minute Body Contouring sessions as often or few as you would like at a discounted price of $84.00 per session. You must purchase the Unlimited Sauna Maintenance for the month, prior to purchasing a single session. The Body Contouring Maintenance Package allows for 8 sessions at 2 treatments per week. This is a 1 month package that should not exceed 4 weeks. PlEASE NOTE: Body Contouring Maintenance is offered only to clients who have previously purchased a full-priced Body contouring package. The maintenance package must be purchased within 30 days of your full-priced package end date. After 30 days, you must purchase a full-priced package again. Services performed in a body contour session can vary dependent on your results: Vibrational plate, Endo therapy, Wood Therapy, 360 cavitation, Manual, Sauna.

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Groupon for Sauna

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Cavitation to abdomen and bra area Only Cavi Package - 4 Week Treatment (8 sessions plus 2 detox sauna & wood therapy)

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Hollywood Body wrap

Platinum- dry brush, full body wrap, vibrating plate, and 30 min sauna suite Gold- full body wrap, vibrating plate, and 30 min sauna pod Silver- stomach and arm wrap, and 20 min sauna pod

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First Time Clients Must Call to Book Appointment Deposit is required to book Appointment. Includes consultation and Massage. Evaluate your condition, examination of body and Manual Lymphatic Massage. Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage Light, pumping like massage to stimulate the lymphatic system mixed with other post op care techniques to maximum results. Packages are 4 Week Plans that includes 8 Sessions and 2 Presso Therapy Sessions Deposit will be applied to package if purchase day of session. If package isn't purchase the same day, consultation will be consider as a individual session. Card must be on file.

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Butt Lift & Firming

We use cupping for the butt lift and a mixture of different techniques and products for cellulite and firming treatment. 4 week plan includes 8 consecutive sessions within 4 weeks (twice a week) Package includes: Vibrating Plate, Endo therapy, Manual, Cuppin

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Cellulite Treatments

Vibration plate, Endo, Wood Therapy , manual , vacuum Therapy Package includes: 2 Presso Therapy session and a sauna session

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Teeth Whitening

Lifts stains off the enamel. 2-8 shades can be achieved with in one session. LED System Stains are caused my the normal activities like coffee and soda drinking, smoking and ect. Tooth Cavier-Totth gems that adhere to the surface of the tooth. Can last up to 6 months

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Creative Business Chat Session

Take some time a pour all your ideas and dreams on Dior. Dior is here to help you create a real life business ideas that can turn into $$$ Non refundable. No bussiness plans development

$45 · 30 minutes


Full Consultation 15-20 min Consultations Fee. Come get evaluated this month to get ready for your Summer!!! card must be placed on file in case of a cancellation outside of our cancellation period, or for no call no shows. All cancellations must be done 24 hours prior to your appointment. Link provided in your email. Cancellation fee is $49.99 and You will not be charged for your appointment.

Free · 15 minutes

Body Contouring / Post Op Specialist

Head Therapist at Body Bar