Work In Progress Consulting

WIP is a consulting business that helps start ups, non-profits, small businesses & entrepreneurs with business planning, book keeping, budgeting, tax prep, operations, systems management & more. As of April 1st, 2019, we are not taking any new clients and this booking site is used for current client appointments. Look for openings this November, or email to get on our waitlist.
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM
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Our Services

30 minute Quick Consult
We'll spend 30 minutes discussing your project and see if a consulting relationship would be a good fit. If it is, this $49 will be put toward your next session fee. If it isn't and no advice or referrals are given on the call, your fee will be returned.
1 Hour Consulting or Work Time
This is my 1 hour working or consulting block fee. If you know your project will take longer than one hour, book using the 3 hour option to save $15 on my hourly rates.
90 Minutes Consulting or Work Time
3 hours Consulting or Work Time/ 2 90 minute sessions
This is a block of time for us to discuss your project at length, go over assignments I've given you, etc. You can block 2 of these back to back if you want to have a longer session. Buying 90 minute sessions saves you $15 on my hourly rates.
Tax Prep- Internal Client
Tax Prep IC is available only to those who are my book keeping clients. This includes a 12 month reconciliation of your books, a final profit & loss statement, a draft schedule c, and deductions recommendations for your new tax year.
Tax Prep- Independent Business
Tax Prep IB is for folks who run small businesses that keep their own books or use a book keeper other than myself. This includes a 12 month reconciliation of your books, a final profit & loss statement, a draft schedule c, and deduction recommendations for your new tax year. You can use this prep work to file on your own, or give it to your accountant to save some time & money, since an accountant charges almost triple what I do per hour for this service.
Closet Audit
A closet audit is a process where we look through the clothing you already have, make new outfits and catalog them, get rid of the stuff you don't need, do a full fitting & measurement guide and give suggestions for things you do need, so you can do more targeted shopping. Out of this process, we will make a capsule wardrobe that fits your specifications and style.

Our Staff

Rachel Kacenjar
Rachel has experience in successfully buying, running, & selling a small business. She has earned her MPA/MNO & PMP, and has consulted for a portfolio of over 24 small businesses and entrepreneurs in the last 2 years. She currently works full time in operations management and finance for a statewide non-profit.