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Essential Comprehensive Eye Exam

Booking fee is $40. Full appointment fee is $150. Contact Lens Fitting available at additional cost ($50-$85). Our Essential Comprehensive Exam includes a prescription for glasses, customized lens recommendations, a health check of the front and back of the eye, and photos of the retina which we can compare from year to year.

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Specialty Contact Lens Consultation

Booking Fee is $40. Full appointment fee is $250. The consultation fee of $250 may be used towards the cost of a specialty contact lens fitting and contact lenses, if ordered. Specialty contact lenses include rigid gas permeable lenses, hybrid lenses, scleral lenses, prosthetic, and prism lenses. At your consultation, we perform a thorough health check of the eyes, take all imaging needed, and decide which lens would provide you your best vision and comfort. We also trial different types of lenses in-office to demonstrate what they can do. We use innovative technology to take these scans and design our specialty lenses including Pentacam CSP scans, WAVE software, ScanFitPRO software, and optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans.

$40 · 1 hour

Pediatric Contact Lens Exam

Booking Fee $40. Full appointment fee is $95 (if child has already had full eye exam within last year) or $150 (if child has not had full eye exam) + additional fees depending on type of contact lens evaluated and utilized ($50-$100). Dr. Morrison will evaluate your child's eye health, take corneal measurements, and determine the appropriate contact lens to trial and evaluate on the eye. Please note, if your child has a high prescription, please call the office to see if we need to order trial contact lenses prior to your appointment.

$40 · 1 hour

Emergency Eye Visit

Booking fee is $40. Full appointment fee is $95. This includes all emergency eye visits: red eyes, pain, double vision, etc. It does not include a prescription for glasses. Any additional testing needed (scans, etc) will be at additional cost ($50-$100).

$40 · 1 hour


Caitlin Morrison