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Individual - Initial Consultation (or weekly and bi-weekly counseling)

Initial Consultation, introducing issue, previous strategies, goals and develop counseling strategy moving forward. Couples Consultation, see Private Couple Retreat option.

$250 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Individual Psychotherapy (weekly or bi-weekly)

Individual issues weekly or bi-weekly, not covered in Private Couple Retreat format.

$168.50 · 1 hour

Step 1: Private Couples Retreat-Initial Consultation

For new couples or individual partners who want to improve, decide or let go using the retreat model. Time period covers strategy session.

$335 · 2 hours

Step 2: Private Couples Retreat Individual Session

After initial consultation, individual appointments in the same week is often recommended.

$168.50 · 1 hour

Step 3: Option A: 2 Day Private Couples Retreat

Choose Option A for 2 consecutive days to create the 12 hour Private Couples Retreat. Start with high expectations to get to the root of issues and resolve long standing issues. Desig a comprehensive strategy moving forward, breaking down into objective goals and accountability for each partner. Equivalent to 6 months of hourly couples counseling.

$1,025 · 6 hours

Step 3: Option B: Day Private Couples Retreat

Abbreviated retreat focusing on specific couple issue or target area. Pro-active, education focused or counseling (repair) focused depending on couple's needs.

$660 · 4 hours

Step 4: Private Couple Retreat 6 Month Follow Up

Pre-schedule at end of Private Couple Retreat. Designed to assess accountability and check in regarding strategy developed during retreat. Sustaining momentum and support for individual and/or couple goals.

$310 · 2 hours

Step 5: Yearly Renewal Private Couple Retreat

Yearly retreat for couples who completed a prior Private Couple Retreat experience. Ideal for praising couple accomplishments, assessing couple progress towards goals, accountability, pro-actively plan for upcoming life and family responsibilities.

$620 · 4 hours


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