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Individual - Initial Consultation (or weekly and bi-weekly counseling)

Initial Consultation, introducing issue, previous strategies, goals and develop counseling strategy moving forward. Couples Consultation, see Private Couple Retreat option.

$250 · 1 hour 30 minutes

Individual Psychotherapy (weekly or bi-weekly)

Individual issues weekly or bi-weekly, not covered in Private Couple Retreat format.

$168.50 · 1 hour

Initial Consultation: Private Couples Retreat & On-going: Couples Sessions

For new couples or individual partners who want to improve, decide or let go using the retreat model. Time period covers strategy session. For ongoing couples work outside of a day or 2 day retreat session.

$335 · 2 hours

Option A: 2 Day Private Couples Retreat

12 hour Private Couples Retreat. Start with high expectations to get to the root of issues and resolve long standing issues. Design a comprehensive strategy moving forward, breaking down into objective goals and accountability for each partner. Equivalent to 6 - 9 months of hourly couples counseling.

$1,980 · 12 hours

Option B: Day Private Couples Retreat

Abbreviated retreat focusing on specific couple issue, premarital or other target area. Pro-active, education focused or counseling (repair) focused depending on couple's needs. Equivalent to 2 months of couple's counseling.

$660 · 4 hours


Jennifer Jones