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Escape: Heist of Bonnie & Clyde
Revenge is sweet.... After being one step behind the sinister Mr. X for missions and missions, the tables have turned. Along with your fellow EMIT agents, you have targeted the location of Mr. X's secret plans....the vault of a small bank in the heart of the nation. You know that if you are to stop his future changes to history, you are going to have to get into that vault and get your hands on those plans. There is one tiny problem though... the bank in question is about to be robbed by a notorious duo.... Bonnie and Clyde. You need to follow the bank robbers to their hideout, find out what they know, and break into the vault of the bank before they catch up. In this cat and mouse game, nothing is sure.... Win and you will have all of the plans you need to be one step ahead of Mr. X. Lose and you might just end up next on Bonnie and Clyde's hitlist.
Escape from the Silver Screen
The worst fears of your boss have come true. Someone has discovered time travelers (your notorious group EMIT) and has made a movie about your adventures... a movie soon to be released to the world as a blockbuster. This simply will not do...so your team has one simple mission. Stop the movie from being released at all costs. Sneak into the movie studio in old Hollywood and sabotage the production without being discovered. Hurry, the filming resumes soon! Do you have what it takes to bring production to a halt? Lights, Camera, Action....
Escape of the Confederate Spy Mistress
We've received word that Abraham Lincoln is about to be assassinated...4 years early. You have only an hour to save the President by breaking into the house of suspected Confederate spy, Rose O'Neal Greenhow. Sift through her belongings, discover her secrets, and crack her code to discover the details of the assassination in time.
Escape: The Titanic
In our most dangerous mission yet, you will be asked to board the infamous Titanic in a daring rescue attempt. The ship is already beginning to angle into the water, but your team has been tasked to head deep into the bowels of the ship to save an agent and to recover a cursed object which may have brought about the disaster. Split up to explore the elegance of the first class staterooms or take your chances in the already flooded 3rd class bunks as you gather objects to complete the mission. Remember, however…. there were not enough life boats on board and time is rushing away. Can you escape the unsinkable ship?
Escape: Murder in the Forgotten Tomb
You will have the opportunity to select a beginner or an advanced level in this mission. In the 1920’s the excavation of ancient tombs was all the rage, especially after Howard Carter discovered the tomb of King Tut. There were many other teams of archaeologists in the Valley of the Kings who were not so lucky, however. You have heard that the tomb was cursed, for many who enter meet grisly ends soon after. Upon entering it yourself, you begin to believe it. The professor in charge of the search has been murdered, his body mummified in the depths of the tunnels. You have 90 minutes to search the passageways, discover the codes, and find the clues to determine “whodunnit” before you too become another cursed intruder in the forgotten tomb.
Escape: Rock N Roll Spy
This escape mission takes you back in time to Benny’s Diner, the most hopping malt shop in the 1950’s. At first, this mission may look like a breeze. There are poodle skirts, a juke box, and the fanciest cars you have ever seen. However, this diner holds a secret, which only the wisest can uncover. Benny, the owner and a local celebrity, has known connections to the Soviet Union and we think it just might be possible that he may be none other than a Russian spy! You have an 90 minutes to sneak into the diner, discover the secrets, and figure out what Benny knows before he returns. Good luck!

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