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123 Grow Pkg

Get the most essential insight on tying your ideas into reality in a concise analysis for just $360! We’ll list of the essential documents, filings & paperwork needed to lawfully get started specific to your industry & location! We’ll advise (or train) on what skills &/or certification are necessary to successfully run your ideal (or existing) business! We’ll uncover 5 key markets essential to your business, industry, & location for optimal sales & exposure opportunities! We’ll estimate the essential costs & recommend some of the best available means for funding your unique ideas! We’ll recommend the 5 greatest strategies to form the strategic partnerships & other types of business alliances to provide the best consumer experience to stay competitive under the bottom line!

$123 · 1 hour

($55) On-The-Go Consulting Services!

Get hands-on, real-world business insight & advocacy live with our experienced consultants & colleagues across the atlas who specialize in your unique needs as they develop!

$55 · 15 minutes

($555) 5FP Workshop

$555 · 5 hours 55 minutes


Rashad Elliott