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‼️IMPORTANT PLEASE READ BEFORE BOOKING‼️ service time 2-3 hours for every service

When booking online please include pets name, age, breed, and weight in the “comment” section. FIRST TIME CLIENTS bring in proof of RABIES. Failure to do so can result in your appointment being declined. If you have multiple pets please add that to the notes. Promise time to complete services is anywhere between 2-3 hours. Bigger dogs may require more time We cannot accept new clients over the age of 10 years

15 minutes

🐩Bath & Body Haircut

Bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, Dry/brush, Ear plucking and cleaning Nail trim and grind, Body haircut, *condition of coat may cause additional fee* SERVICE TIME 2-3 HOURS

5 Options

🐕Bath Spa Package

Premium shampoo Deep coat conditioner, Nail trim and grind, Ear pluck and clean, Dry and brush of the coat, *not ideal for pets with matting that cannot be brushed out* SERVICE TIME 2-3 HOURS

6 Options

🐶Bath & Maintenance Trim(Face, Feet, Sani Trim ONLY not a body haircut)

*NOT A WHOLE BODY HAIRCUT* Bath premium shampoo and deep coat conditioner, ear plucking/cleaning, nail trim and grind, face/feet/sani trim only(no body haircut) **not for pets with matting or tangles that cannot be brushed out** SERVICE TIME 2-3 HOURS

6 Options

Doodle(Golden, Lab, Aussie, Bernese, Standard)

For doodles and standard poodles *requires more dry/brush time* Reason as to why doodle and Standards have a high cost is because they have a tendency of being a “larger” sized dog but weigh very low.

3 Options

Luxury Spa Day (Add On)

Upgrade to Deluxe shampoo and conditioner Nose and paw balm Perfume/cologne Bandana or bow Teeth brushing

$20 · 15 minutes

Furminator De-Shed Treatment(ADD-ON service)

*ideal for breeds like Huskies, Malamutes, Goldens, German Shepherds, all double coat* Furminator de-shed treatment Extra 15 min brush out with Furminator brush Teeth brushing

$20 · 15 minutes

Teeth Brushing(ADD-ON)

$7 · 5 minutes


Choose between bubble gum pink, hot pink, purple, aqua blue, and green *ombre coloring is an additional $5*

2 Options