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Our Services

Semi permanent eyebrows that last up to two years.Natural hair strokes so it looks like your actual hair.
Microblading 30 day touch up
Express set
Natural set. Mascara look. Not every lash covered.
Spray tan
Brow lamination
Your real brows fuller no needles, last up to 8 weeks!
Express 2-3 week fill
Classic set
More fullness every Lash covered. Can still do mascara look or a more dramatic look depending on the clients needs.
Classic 2-3 week fill
Classic 4 week fill
Betty Grable set
Not sure if you want volume or classic lashes? Try our mixed set of volume and classic lashes. Get the best of both worlds!
Betty Grable 2-3 week fill
Betty Grable 4 week fill
Volume set
Any where from 3 to 6 lashes on one natural lash. Very light weight and non damaging. Super fluffy and soft mink lashes. Great for clients who want more fullness, dense, and volume! Or clients who have very weak or sparse lashes. Volume lashes can look natural or very dramatic depending upon the clients request. Volume lashes also last longer then other sets!
Volume 2-3 week fill
Volume 4 week fill
Mega volume
Anywhere from 6-12 lashes on one lash. For someone who wants a doll like look, very fluffy and dense black lashes.Extremely light weight and non damaging but must have healthy lashes to get this set. This set last longer then other sets so you can go every 4 weeks for a fill in.
Mega volume 2-3 week fill
Mega volume 4 week fill
Mini Fill
11 days since your last visit!
Nose wax
Lip wax
Chin wax
Cheeks wax
Full face wax
Chemical peel
Lash removal
Lash lift
Lifts and curls your NATURAL lashes ! Last 6-8 weeks.
Brow tint
Lash tint
Makes your natural lashes jet black!
Mini fill volume
No less then 12 days of last fill

Our Staff

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