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Skintuition is a unique skincare studio owned and operated by solo aesthetician and makeup artist, Susan Morzy.
Susan offers professional, unparalleled service and inspiration to all her clients. As an experienced aesthetician, she understands what it takes to enhance your appearance and renew your self-esteem. She has a modern approach to beauty and listens to each and every client to make sure they get what they came in for and so much more.

All treatments are highly customized for every skin type & condition for men, women, and teens. Susan's goal is to maintain beautiful skin in the treatment room, complemented by proper home-care and lifestyle instruction.

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Our Services

Makeup Application- CALL TO BOOK
DO NOT BOOK ONLINE. Wedding, prom, formals, wedding guest, parties, corporate and beyond. In-Studio $55 On-Location $65 Derby/Oaks $95 Strip or Individual Lashes $15
Its complicated
Cleanse, steam, light extractions, jelly mask.30 min
Love sick
15 min microcurrent, jelly mask
Head over heels
Brow design, customized facial mask
Firming and Contouring Facial
A microcurrent treatment is often referred to as a “natural” facelift. This safe and painless facial helps erase fine lines and wrinkles, while firming your skin and defining your features. Includes 30 minutes of microcurrent and firming peptide mask.
European Facial
A relaxing facial that disconnects you from the stresses and strains of the outside world and reconnect you with yourself. This treatment is more about relaxation and pampering while still providing the skin with nutrition and hydration. Includes a hydro jelly mask
Oxygen Facial
See and feel the results of clear luminous skin with a feeling of firmness with oxygen.
Decongesting Facial
A deep pore cleansing facial that is focused on removing impurities from the skin, and restoring balance. Followed by steam, extractions, a light acne peel, and a customized mask.
Clinical Facial
A deep cleansing facial that is focused on removing impurities from the skin, and restoring hydration. A complete skin analysis of any skin conditions that may affect the care of your skin, and products that should be used to treat any conditions or concerns. Followed by steam, extractions, use of an ultra sonic skin scrubber, a light enzyme, and a customized mask.
Cryo Facial
Also known as the "frotox" Facial, the Cryo T Shock  facial is for those who want age-revering effects without needles. For best results a series of 3-6 treatments is recommended. It stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and reduces inflammation. Frequent treatments can eliminate fine lines and wrinkles over time.
Back Facial
Your face isn’t the only skin that’s important—your back should be beautiful too, especially for a trip to the beach or an evening gown. The techniques used in a back facial are very similar to those applied in a regular facial treatment.
Dermaplaning is a very gentle skin resurfacing treatment utilizing a surgical blade to manually remove the outermost layer of dead skin and the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) from the face. Vellus hair often causes a buildup of dirt and oils in the follicles, so removing the hair gives you healthier looking skin. Hair will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment.
Chemical Peel
Consultation required to determine the most suitable peel for your concerns and lifestyle. Concerns include acne, pigmentation dull skin an dehydration.
Dermal Rejuvenation Treatment Series of 3
Kick your skins butt back into gear! Between the ages of 35 and up, a decrease in energy production can be seen in virtually all systems of the body, particularly in the skin. This diminished bioenergetic capacity can be safely boosted , increasing the production of the cell’s energy source. Candidates for SWiCH dermal rejuvenation are mature clients, who show visible signs of aging—fine lines, lax skin, irregular pigmentation and a dull appearance. Age 40 + Series of 3
Dermaplaing (ADD ON)
Jelly Mask (ADD ON)
A “jelly-like" mask that provides multiple benefits to your skin such as Hydrating, Smoothing, Moisture Retention, cleansing, exfoliating, conditioning skin, toning and reducing inflammation.
Under Eye Mask (ADD ON)
Age defining , restoring and moisturizing.
Firming Peptide Mask (ADD ON)
+ add on only+ This firming and tightening mask combines some of the latest technology in peptide, antioxidant and dermal regeneration science, resulting in micro circulation, detoxification and instant firming, lifting and tightening.
Complementary Skin Consultation
Not sure where to start? Book a consultation! Come in for a consultation for a complete skin analysis, that determines your skin type, and any skin conditions that may affect the care of your skin. We will create a game plan and discuss treatments and products that should be used to treat any conditions or concerns to get you to your goal.
Cryo T Shock Consulation
Well discuss a plan, and determine if you are a good candidate.
Cryo Fat Freeze
Body Fat Freeze
Cryo T-Shock Skin Tightening (Body)
Body skin tightening
Brow Design
Wax & brow tint.
Skintuition Trio
Brow design & lash tint.
Brow Wax
Brow & Lip Wax
Brow Tweeze
No wax, just tweezing. Great for clients with reactive skin who want a clean defined brow.
Brow Tint
A semi-permanent vegetable dye to enhance color, shape, and thickness—or all of the above.
Lash Tint
Using a vegetable dye, eyelash tinting temporarily dyes the eyelashes. This is done to achieve the look of wearing mascara without having to apply makeup daily.
Lip Wax
Bikini Line Wax
French Bikini
Almost all of the bikini area is waxed. Including any hair on the buttocks near the bikini line.
The entire bikini is waxed, including the area around the anus (if you so desire, a 1/4 inch to one inch wise in the center of the bikini area can be left so as not to be completely void of hair).
Peach Smoothie-NEW!
A special bikini treatment for ingrown hairs, brightening & hydration. Includes Brazilian Wax
Stomach Strip Wax
Full Face Wax
Sideburn Wax
Cheek Wax
Ear Wax
Chin Wax
Nose Wax
Neck Wax
Lower Arm
Fingers included.
Upper Arm
Full Arm
Fingers included.
Underarm Wax
Shoulder Wax
Lower Back Wax
Upper Back Wax
Full Back Wax
Chest Wax
Stomach Wax
Lower Leg Wax
Toes Included
Upper Leg Wax
Full Leg Wax
Toes included.
Inner Thigh Wax
Derrière Wax

Our Staff

Owner/Master Aesthetician & Makeup Artist.

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