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New Guest Color

This service must be booked if you are a new guest booking for ANY color service. This allows time for a full consultation to ensure we are a good match and on the same page. We will discuss your budget, your goals, and make a plan of action to reach those goals! This includes 2 bowls of product, a gloss, root color of needed and a thermal treatment and style and complete the experience.

$250 · 3 hours

Add-on Treatment

$36 · 30 minutes

Beaded Row Extension removal

$56 · 45 minutes

Maximum Blonding Weave

This service is for guests who want maximum lightness. Double the foils are used in this service then they are in a regular full weave. This is a tight, back to back foiling service that brightens the all over look of your hair.

$275 · 4 hours

Exsiting Guest Full Foil

For existing clients with less then 2 inches of regrowth. A full foil includes gloss, 2 bowls of product, blow dry treatment to ensure health of your hair and maintain shine and softness as well as a thermal style to complete the experience.

$185 · 3 hours

Exsiting Guest Partial Foil

For existing guests only. A partial weave covers everything above the ears. This includes a gloss, thermal treatment as well as a thermal style to complete the experience. This is a great choice for the guest looking to maintain their hair in between full foil appointments.

150.00 $155 · 2 hours 30 minutes


Custom blonding technique using a combination of specialty techniques. Choose this if you are a guest looking for a custom color. This includes a root, a gloss and 2 bowls of color. Additional bowls of product needed to complete service will be a 20.00 charge. Also includes a thermal treatment and style to complete the experience.

$260 · 3 hours 30 minutes


This includes a wash and thermal treatment and style to complete the experience.

$65 · 1 hour

Add-on Gloss

A gloss is a great option to maintain your color in between appointments. If you’re looking to refresh your blonde or get rid of unwanted brass, choose this! (This does not replace your regular maintenance appointments, this is to simply refresh your color to get you through to your next appointment) This must be scheduled with a haircut or a blowout.

$54 · 45 minutes

Single Pallet

For guests looking to go all over one color. No highlights or balayage is included. For guests who want to change their previously colored pallet to another shade, please book a consultation to discus further plan of action. Includes thermal treatment and thermal style to complete the experience.

$140 · 2 hours

Extension/Color Correction Consultation

Book a complimentary consultation to find out more about extensions and color correction.

Free · 30 minutes

Beaded Row Extension Removal

Includes a wash and thermal style.

$50 · 50 minutes

2 Beaded Row Extensions

A consultation is needed for guests who don’t have existing extensions. Guests who have 2 rows, book this service for your move ups.

$250 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Color Correction per hour

Color corrections are a $100 per hour charge. I require a 50% deposit and a consultation to schedule. Please text me to schedule a time to talk .

$300 · 3 hours

Single Pallet Retouch

For guests who have 1/2 inch or less of regrowth on their single pallet color (typically 4-5 weeks of growth). Thermal treatment and style included to complete the experience. NO FOILS

$85 · 1 hour 15 minutes

1 Beaded Row Extension

Consultation needed for guest who do not have existing beaded row extensions. Guests with 1 rows book this for your move ups!

$150 · 1 hour 30 minutes


Lindsey Smith