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Women’s Haircut

Hair is shaped and texturized to deliver the desired look and enhance face shape and highlight features. Service Includes: shampoo, scalp massage, cut, blowdry and simple style.

$47 · 1 hour

All Over Color

Looking to change your hair color to one solid color? This is the service for you. An all over color entails one solid color, usually permanent or a semi-permanent, applying to all of your hair (roots to ends), either lighter or darker. Additional tubes of color $15 each. Included in your service: a blow dry and simple style.

$95 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Full Highlight

A full highlight entails adding dimension and texture to your hair color with highlights and or lowlights. Foils are placed throughout your entire head, generally from ear to ear and from fringe to neck, to give you dimension and texture. Included in service: blowdry and simple style. Additional bowls of lightener $10 each, Additional tubes of color $15 each ​ ​

$145 · 3 hours

Partial Highlight

A Partial Highlight adds dimension and movement to your hair with highlights and/or lowlights. The foils are placed on only part of your hair, generally from ear to ear and from fringe to the crown. Your highlights can be chunky, light, or natural. This completely depends on what you are looking for. Additional tubes of color $15 each, Additional bowls of lightener $10 each. Included in your service: blow dry and simple style.

$125 · 3 hours

Kid’s Haircut

Includes shampoo, cut and style for children over 10 years old.

$25 · 1 hour

Men’s Haircut

Includes shampoo, scalp massage, cut and style.

$30 · 1 hour


In between color services, book a toner to eliminate brassiness or add richness to your already lightened hair. Included in your service: a blowdry and simple style. Additional tubes of toner $10 each

$45 · 1 hour

Root Smudge

A customized formula is used to add depth to the root area of the lightened hair.

$45 · 1 hour

Lightener Double Process Color

Whether you're wanting to achieve platinum blonde or preparing your hair for a vivid or pastel color, your hair must be lightened and toned first. This requires more precision than a single, all over color.

Free · 3 hours

Haircut & Toner

$55 · 1 hour 15 minutes


With babylights it’s all about the application process, very similar to highlights, the difference is the amount of hair in each foil and the separation between foils. For babylights, you use just a little bit of hair and create small sperarations between foils so the highlights blend with the natural base color. Included in service: blowdry and simple style.

$198 · 4 hours


Balayage is a technique where hair color is hand painted onto the hair to create a graduated, more natural-looking highlight effect. Included in service: blowdry and a simple style.

$175 · 4 hours

Bang Trim

If you are in between hair appointments and your bangs are growing out, bang trim.

$10 · 10 minutes

Color Retouch

A color retouch entails applying color to the roots only, usually a permanent or semi-permanent color. Included in service: blowdry and simple style.

$95 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Curls/ Flat Iron

Hot tools, including curling iron, wand, or flat iron, are used to create a beautiful finished style.

$45 · 1 hour

Face Framing

Using foils or painting, just the very front of hair around the face is lightened.

$75 · 2 hours 30 minutes

Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

Non-permanent chemical service that softens course hair and reduces frizz while allowing natural texture to remain. Keratin smoothing makes the hair much easier to blowdry and style. Includes cut and smooth finish style.

$250 · 3 hours

Hair Color Consultation

Unsure of what you would like to do? Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss and collaborate with me, over ideas and images that inspire you. I recommend making a Pinterest page in advance, as well as looking for inspiration on Instagram or in magazines and bringing them with you to your consultation.

15 minutes

Color Corretion Going Darker

If you’re platinum blonde and want to go a darker color, the stylist will need to fill your hair with a color like a red, as blonde hair does not have any pigment, and then put the desired tone on top of the filler after it’s rinsed out. If you’ve ever tried to put a dark color on your light hair and it washed out right away, that would be because your hair does not have any warm pigments for the dark color to grab on to. Included in service blowdry and a simple style.

3 hours


Foilayage uses a special technique with foils to achieve a similar look to balayage, but with bolder results. Both techniques may require a consultation to be priced and booked properly. Includes toner, cut, blowdry and style.

$175 · 4 hours


April Johnson