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Upon booking SAT Lessons, we highly recommend you also register for the evaluation SAT exam to better aid the instructor in understanding how best to target your weaknesses. The $25 exam will be credited to your account upon your first lesson.

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Upon booking SAT 2 Lessons, we highly recommend you also register for the evaluation SAT 2 exam to better aid the instructor in understanding how best to target your weaknesses. The $25 exam will be credited to your account upon your first lesson.

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Upon booking SHAT Lessons, we highly recommend you also register for the evaluation SHAT exam to better aid the instructor in understanding how best to target your weaknesses. The $25 exam will be credited to your account upon your first lesson.

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Adham Abdelhameed

My name is Adham. My first two years of college were at the Macaulay Honors College and my final two years were in Brooklyn College, where I graduated with a B.S in psychology. My subjects of interest are chemistry, physics, organic chemistry, and biology. I am planning on continuing my education next year at medical school. As a tutor, I can help you find strategies to cope with and complete some of the rigorous sciences students go through in high school and college. I have studied them for years, so I understand how gruelling they can be. But with patience and dedication, not only can you succeed at them, but you may even develop a passion for science, like I did. I can be your guide and friend, and help you to achieve the academic goals you're striving for. I have experience teaching swimming and coaching, and my love for it, and the sciences, has brought me into tutoring. In my free time, I enjoy shooting, swimming, running, comedy clubs, and video games.


Alan Chambers

I recently graduated from Hunter college with a bachelor's degree in history and a minor in political science. I gained experience educating students as part of the Museum of Jewish Heritage's Holocaust Educator Internship.

Anton Cernokulshi

In 2019, I graduated from Baruch College with a BA in Mathematics. My primary fields of interest are probability and combinatorics. I’m currently taking a break, but I am planning on returning to college to pursue a PHD in Mathematics in the future. As a tutor it is my responsibility to not only teach math, but also to inspire and encourage my students to see mathematics not as an enemy but as a challenge from which joy and excitement can be drawn. Originally, I started as a peer tutor at my high school and have since been constantly improving, growing my knowledge, and advancing my mission of making mathematics vernacular. Apart from constantly improving my understanding of mathematics I have interests in skateboarding, archery, video games, and film studies. I tutor Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus AB/BC, and Calculus I/II/III.

Bao Nguyen

I graduated from Georgetown University where I received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Biology in 2013. I then received my Masters of Science in Teaching in 2016 and taught AP biology as a NYC teacher at NEST+m for 4 years. I have been tutoring privately and professionally for over 6 years which includes homeschooling as well as working for several tutoring companies in the past. I love being able to work with students one or one or in small group settings and seeing them build confidence in their academics. I try to break down complex ideas into simple analogies or relatable ideas so it is easier to remember and apply. Outside of tutoring, I love to rock climb and work out. You can find me at the Cliffs in LIC or on my youtube channel “Failing to Send.” I tutor Living Environment, AP Biology, College Biology, Regents Chemistry, Regents Physics, Geometry, and Algebra 1.


Benjamin Nguyen


Diagnostic Exam


Dianna Levin

I want to share some of the key takeaways I have learned throughout my life which include problem based learning, spaced repetition and understanding rather than memorizing. In Brooklyn Tech I worked for two different tutoring companies as well as took part in Student Government and ran my own club; Helping Hearts. I was admitted into NYIT to the BS/DO program and in 2019, I graduated with a BS in Biology. My love for education is evident in my fields of interest which include the Sciences, Mathematics, Test Preparation for SHSAT and SAT as well as English and Literature. In my free time I enjoy working with nonprofits such as Invisible Hands, conducting research in Mount Sinai, actively educate my community about environmental sustainability through my page @missionearth on Instagram and exploring new types of cuisine in NYC .

Eric Gong

I graduated from Baruch College in 2019 with a BBA in Computer Information Systems. I believe that being a tutor isn’t just about delivering content but also making it enjoyable to learn. I put a lot of effort and preparation into my lessons making them understandable and engaging. Outside of tutoring, I enjoy learning the guitar and piano, cooking, and playing video games. I tutor Pre-Algebra, Algebra, and Geometry. I also tutor students how to code in Python.

Gabriella Kizhnerman

I am currently a Macaulay Honors student at Brooklyn College and a part of the BA/MD program. The BA/MD program is a combined program in which students automatically matriculate into SUNY Downstate for medical school after their undergraduate studies. I graduated from Leon M. Goldstein High School for the Sciences in the top 10% percentile of my class. Throughout my high school experience, I took part in almost every extracurricular while still focusing greatly on my studies. I was the Treasurer of Key Club, Secretary of Programming club, and a part of many other clubs. I hope to influence my students to be as involved in their academics as I was in mine starting from a young age. Outside of my academic life, I enjoy traveling and dancing. I tutor elementary and middle school students with the goal of strengthening their academic ability using simple and thought-provoking methods.


Hannah Kunels
Jessica Taft

I am currently a freshman at the Macaulay Honors College at Baruch with an anticipated graduation in June of 2021 with a Bachelor's degree in Commerce and Business Administration (BBA). I plan to continue my education in law school in pursuit of a career as a Corporate Lawyer. When I’m not at school or working, I love to paint, take kickboxing classes, and am a huge hockey fan (Let’s go Rangers!). I have been tutoring grades K-8 for four years now in Math, English, and History. I am a passionate writer and offer help with college narratives, creative writing, and other various types of essays from an elementary to college level. I also tutor students prepping for the ACT in the English and Reading subject areas. For students looking for help in language studies, I studied Spanish for 6 years, ending on an AP level, and received my Seal of Biliteracy in May of 2019.


Kevin Bernstein

I am a rising senior majoring in mathematics at Brooklyn Technical High School, one of New York’s nine specialized high schools. In school, I have had the opportunity of being enrolled and performing well in Advanced Placement and enrichment courses such as Graph Theory, Number Theory, AP Computer Science Principles, AP US History, and AP World History. I am currently taking AP Statistics, AP Macro Economics, and AP Calculus BC. I have been a part of my school’s Math Team since freshman year and successfully led my team during city-wide contests. In my free time, I like to play piano and chess. At JM Learning, I tutor children by assisting them in completing their homework. I look forward to building strong bonds with students while helping them succeed academically.

Nicholas Buhta

I graduated from Wagner College with a BS in Biology. I was at the top student in my major and received the college’s most prestigious award at graduation — the Dr. Donald Spiro Award — for academic and co-curricular achievement. I also conducted biological and medical research at my alma mater and at Johns Hopkins University. Outside of tutoring, I work as a socio-therapist at a foster care agency in Brooklyn. In my free time, I enjoy writing, reading, lifting weights, running, playing guitar, and building IKEA furniture. I specialize in teaching Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Algebra II, and Geometry at both the high school and collegiate levels. I enjoy using my research and academic experiences to transform challenging a curriculum into digestible bite-sized pieces. I accomplish this by getting to know each of my students as an individual and constructing relatable and practical examples and analogies that align with their own interests.

Rita Pozovskiy

I am currently a junior in the Macaulay Honors College program at Hunter College, majoring in economics and biochemistry. In my free time, I volunteer at hospitals as well as do laboratory research at Weill Cornell. Outside of school, I have been tutoring elementary school aged children professionally for 2 years. Before, I used to volunteer at an after-school program helping special needs students complete their homework. I like to engage the students in the topic that they’re learning in a way that would better appeal to their interests and learning style. I try out a couple of different teaching methods with each student before settling on the one that works best with their strengths. Outside of my academic and professional life, I love to read, travel, and immerse myself in the culture. I visit museums and galleries whenever I get the chance. I tutor Mark Twain entrance exams, SHSAT, as well as individual subjects for grades 3-8.


Simon Katz
Steven Mirochnik

I graduated from NYU in 2016 with a degree in History and I am currently completing my premed postbac with a major in Biology at Brooklyn College. I plan on enrolling in Medical school in the fall of 2021. I am a research associate at Maimonides Medical Center and work directly with the Vice Chair of the Pediatrics department to develop and implement new hospital-wide quality and safety initiatives. Prior to joining JM Learning I worked for two years as a project supervisor for a large construction company where I refined my communication, patience, and teaching skills as I assigned daily tasks to my team and directly trained new members. At JM Learning I currently focus my effort on instructing elementary, middle, and high school students in history, mathematics, and the sciences. In my free time I enjoy exercising and traveling.

Zachary Chanmin

My educational background started from Mark Twain Middle School, where I was in the Science talent. For High School, I attended Midwood High School and studied Medical Science Institutes. I am currently in New York University, College of arts and sciences, studying Pre-Med. Outside of education, my greatest passion is playing hockey. I’ve been playing for many years at a highly competitive level and it has brought me together with almost all of my closest friends. I tutor Math and English classes up to 8th grade as well as Regents Algebra.