Dharmatma Light

Dharmatma Light is an online Empowerment Consulting service to assist clients with life change situations, grief/loss issues, relational challenges, and steps for deeper awareness. Private video conferencing link on my website http://www.dharmatmalight.com
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Our Services

Free 15 minute consultation
A complimentary 15 minute 'meet and greet' is offered for new clients. This will give you a sense if we are a good 'fit' to work together.
Empowerment Consultation
I believe, in this hectic, stressful world, you have the innate potential to empower yourself. My consultations support gaining access to your own innate power. Topics I can help you with include: personal relationship issues, grief counseling for loss of any type (death of a loved one, loss of property, end of a career, loss of home/possessions), conflict resolution (family, friends, the public), workplace resilience, leadership skills, career advisement, and accessing deeper levels of personal awareness. While I have over 30 years in extensive academic and esoteric accomplishment , I bring a unique perspective to this work. I am interested in helping you access your own grounded wisdom and infuse your life situation with practicality, resilience, focus, and peace. Your transformation corresponds to your readiness to see yourself differently.

Our Staff

Barbara Rousseau