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Essential Manicure

This manicure includes nail clipping and shaping, cuticle treatment, application of essential oil followed by a light massage. Your choice of polish or a shine buff finishes this manicure.

$20 · 30 minutes

Lavish Manicure

This luxurious manicure adds an all-natural exfoliating scrub to your Essential Manicure.

$25 · 40 minutes

Bliss Manicure

A complete hand and nail service. This manicure includes nail shaping, cuticle treatment, and application of essential oil followed by an all-natural exfoliating scrub. Hands are then hydrated and relaxed with an Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative treatment and massage. Your choice of a shine buff or polish finishes this manicure.

$30 · 45 minutes

Gel Manicure

Gel applies like polish, cures in two minutes under a LED light, and soaks completely off in 15 minutes Nails are trimmed and shaped, cuticle cleanup, light buff to the nail surface, then application of the gel. Once the gel is completely cured essential oil is applied to the cuticles followed by a light hand massage.

$40 · 1 hour

Essential Pedicure

Pamper your feet with nail clipping and shaping, cuticle treatment, foot filing, application of essential oil followed by a light massage. Your choice of nail polish color or a shine buff finishes this pedicure. *Regular nail polish only (no gel polish).

$35 · 45 minutes

Lavish Pedicure

Enhance your Essential Pedicure with an all-natural exfoliating scrub and relaxing foot and lower leg massage.

$40 · 55 minutes

Bliss Pedicure

Along with the extras in our Lavish Pedicure the Bliss Pedicure adds a soothing aromatic hot towel and extended foot and lower leg massage making this our most popular pedicure.

$45 · 1 hour 5 minutes

Eco-Fin Paraffin Alternative

An incredible addition to any manicure or pedicure! The skin is sanitized then a moisturizing lotion is applied into the area. The hand or foot is placed in a disposable Eco-Sleeve then massaged to disburse the rich emulsion evenly. The treatment will last about 5 minutes, the Eco-Sleeve is removed then the remaining emulsion is massaged into the hands and forearms or feet and legs revealing incredibly soft and moist skin.

$5 · 10 minutes

Polish Change

Your nails (hands or feet) will receive that freshly manicured look again in a fraction of time with an application of the nail polish color of your choice.

$10 · 15 minutes

Nail Strengthening Treatment

Intense treatment used to improve nail plate integrity. Treatment can be done under any Gel Polish Coating or used to target natural nail imperfections and weaknesses that prevent natural nails from growing long. IBX Repair is applied to the nail plate, the hand is placed under a lamp to gently warm and activate the process and then the product is cured into the nail under a LED light. The same process is repeated with the IBX strengthener.

$10 · 15 minutes

Nail Art

An extremely popular trend of embellishing polished nails with rhinestones, glitter, stickers, appliques or hand painted designs for interest and effect.

Starting at $5 · 15 minutes

Gel Polish Removal

The removal process involves applying a cotton ball soaked in gel polish remover over the finger nail and securing it with an aluminum foil wrap. After a few minutes, the polish is loosened and easily removed.

$15 · 30 minutes


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