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Our Services

New Client Consultation
This is for those of you who would like to meet with Natalie or a member of her HR team before booking your appointment and go through a consultation on your hair, regimen and hair goals. We will discuss expectation vs. reality and where we can take you in our first session together. We are session stylists. We work over time to achieve long term hair goals while keeping the dexterity of the hair as strong and healthy as possible. This is a 20 minute non refundable $25 consultation fee. We will recommend a hair care regimen that will set you up for success in life and in our chairs to help you achieve your hair goals.
Natalie - Balayage, Glaze & Haircut or Finish
This is a starting base price for the specialty that is balayage aka hair painting. Natalie is a Balayage Specialist and her pricing reflects her skillsets. Price for Balayage will be determined during your ‘New Client’ consultation, please setup a consultation prior to booking with Natalie. New clients are “THE WORKS”.
Natalie - Women’s Haircut
Natalie - “THE WORKS” NEW CLIENTS OR OVERDUE VISITS (12 weeks or more)
What is "The Works"? This is Hair Reformation's signature service option! "The Works" = any of the photos you have seen on our Instagram, social media or Pinterest! What goes into "The Works"? A thorough consultation and regimen recommendation specifically for you, a customized highlight or balayage session (technique will be used that will best give clients the results they're looking to achieve) customized glaze followed by a conditioning treatment, haircut (dry or wet or both) and a style (straight or loose waves). "The Works" is a multi-service menu option that we created and put into one service. Please keep in mind, your goal hair color will take time. It will take more than one session. Natalie and her team are session stylists. This means they work in sessions to achieve your short term and or long term hair goals. Realistic and achievable expectations will be discussed. Your hair may take an estimation of 1-5 sessions or more to achieve goals over time. Please be sure to have no time constraints.
Natalie - Retouch & Haircut or Finish
Natalie - Retouch, Glaze & Haircut or Finish
Natalie - Retouch, Highlight or Balayage, Glaze & Haircut
Natalie - Highlight, Glaze & Haircut or Finish
Natalie - Glaze & Haircut
Senior Stylist - Women's Haircut
Hand Tied Extension Consult
Please book this option for any new Extension clients seeking to become HR Extension clients. We specialize in hair transformations and can’t wait to talk to you more in person and in depth about your goals, regimen and desired look!

Our Staff

Natalie Solotes, owner of Hair Reformation by Natalie. Natalie is an internationally accredited Master Stylist, Colorist, Balayage & Blonde Specialist. She is best known for her signature looks that can be seen on HR's Instagram @hairreformation