Note: When booking appointment your card will not be charged unless you are a no show or cancel without 24 hr. notice. You will pay as normal in person (cash or card) after your appointment otherwise. I have always prided myself on strict sanitation and disinfecting measures. That has only maximized since the pandemic. In between clients I spend more time making sure the space is ready for you fresh and cleaned. We ask at The Suites at Shear NV that you do not enter the building if you have had symptoms, if you do enter you are agreeing that you are symptom free and haven't been around anyone exhibiting symptoms in the last two weeks. I will take your temperature before your appointment. There will be hand sanitizer available to you in the suite as well as bathrooms if you prefer to wash your hands. To take precautions further I am following DORA and their requirement that everyone in the shop wears a mask unless preforming services such as shaves or beard trims where I am also wearing a shield. I hope you will feel at ease in my shop as I’m doing my best to offer great service in an uncertain time.

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Regular Haircut

Ages 8 & up. Lengths from long scissor cut to the shortest side length of fade being #OA (or 1/2). Scissor cutting on top.

$24 · 30 minutes

Senior Cut

Ages 65+

$21 · 30 minutes

Skin Fade

Ages 8 & up. #000 sides low, medium, or high and tight. Scissor cut or clipper cut the top.

$26 · 30 minutes

Razor Fade

Ages 8 & up. With either straight razor with hot towel or electric shaver.

$28 · 40 minutes

The Clean-Up Cut

This service is timed half the length of a REGULAR haircut . It includes a slight cleaning up of the sides and trimming of edges and excludes cutting the top. And as always ends with a neck shave and a massage. This is the cut you want when you aren’t exactly ready for a full haircut, I also like to call it the In-betweener. (NOTE: Excludes Skin fade or Razor fade cuts as these require more time than 15 mins)

$14 · 15 minutes

Buzz Cut

One length all over and edges cleaned up

$18 · 15 minutes

Shampoo and Condition

$5 · 5 minutes

Full Straight Razor Shave

An old-fashioned shave using a straight razor, hot towels and a facial massage that leaves you smooth and refreshed.

$30 · 45 minutes

Partial Straight Razor Shave

Straight razor shave of edges,neck and cheeks- leaving beard, goatee, ect. All the good of the full shave but leaving the facial hair you want.

$15 · 30 minutes

Short Beard Trim

One length between 1/8inch and 1 inch and edges cleaned up.

$7 · 15 minutes

Full Beard Trim

Clipper over comb and scissor work to shape and trim full and long beards

$10 · 15 minutes


$24 · 40 minutes

Flat-Top (skin fade)

#000 sides high and tight

$28 · 40 minutes


30 minutes

Head Shave (BIC only)

Hot lather and towel head shave

$25 · 30 minutes

Head Shave (straight razor and BIC)

$35 · 40 minutes


Shelsey Sybrandts