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Body Alignment Assessment (45 min)

Understanding the imbalances between the upper body and lower body misalignments. Graphing legs or arms such as at the shoulders and any specific issues that are going on in the tissue. Looking at the whole body neck, back, hips and chest, allowing the client to see what is not working together with the rest of the body.

$85 · 45 minutes

Mashing (45 min)

Mashing is a form of deep tissue therapy that isolates and focuses on fibrotic restrictive tissue and is applied to designated areas all over the body. Mashing is beneficial to everybody and their fascia. As the client relaxes, we apply gentle or firm pressure (depending on the client’s needs and preference) to specific areas of the body. There are many benefits associated with mashing including increased circulation and blood flow, decreased muscle tightness and tension, decreased scar tissue and pain, the ability for the muscles to stretch and strength train optimally, and more. Clients leave a mashing session feeling refreshed, a sense of openness and able to move their bodies better.

$90 · 45 minutes

Assisted Resistance Stretching (60 min)

Stretching is a gentle process of de-tangling the restrictions of the upper or lower body. It is a hands on process by the trainer that eliminates pain, prevents injury, and improves flexibility. Physical contact of legs, arms, chest, and lower back moving the client through different rotation moves in order to open tissues from a restricted state.

$140 · 1 hour

Nutrition Consultation (30 min)

Get on track to living a healthier and happier life with how you eat by starting with a consultation session.

$55 · 30 minutes

Nutrition Jumpstart Package (30 min consultation + 2 x 45 min sessions)

Get on track to living a healthier and happier life with how you eat. This 30 day introductory program includes: 1) One 30 minute health consultation, and 2) Two 45 minute Health Coaching sessions. Receive guidance & support in reaching your health goals. Recipes and handouts included. Phone sessions available. IMPORTANT: Price is for the package (1 consulation session + 2 followup sessions). Booked appointment time is for consultation session. Following sessions may be scheduled after consultation.

$130 · 30 minutes


Lisa Dattilo