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Corrective Exercise Evaluation & First Session

What to Expect During your first visit, we will evaluate your posture and movement patterns to determine areas of weakness, and areas of tension. Using what we find during your evaluation, a custom plan will be created to loosen areas of tension, and strengthen areas of weakness so that we can retrain your body to move more efficiently. We will begin the exercises during your evaluation. Please wear comfortable clothing. Why Corrective Exercise? The goal of corrective exercise is to retrain our body to move how it is built to move. Repetitive movements and poor posture lead to muscle imbalances. While massage and stretching will help to loosen tight muscles, the results will only last so long. The weak muscles need to be strengthened and your brain needs to be retrained to use them. During your evaluation, we will create your custom program. Corrective Exercise is NOT physical therapy. If you are experiencing any acute pain or have had a recent injury/surgery, corrective exercise is not appropriate.

$50 · 1 hour

Stretch & Roll

One on one foam rolling and stretching. Learn techniques for self massage and stretching specific to your needs. These appointments will teach you how to continue your self care and recovery at home while helping you to prevent injuries. We will also enhance your understanding of how your body is made to move and what tension patterns can be causing your chronic pain.

$30 · 45 minutes

Stretch & Release Massage

No messing around, get right to the pain. A 60 Minute massage with a focus on stretching to encourage deep tension to release. 60 Minutes ($85)

$85 · 1 hour

Blissful Feet

•Warm towels - soothe •Ylang Ylang foot scrub - balance •Warming foot mask - moisturize •Lymphatic Drainage - reduce swelling •Warm Himalayan Salt Stone - loosen

2 Options

Muscle Melt Massage

Relieve tight, aching muscles with a massage complimented by a warming muscle rub, warm towels soaked in Arnica Joint & Muscle Bath Salt and a cooling gel. 60 min $80 90 min $115

3 Options

Deep Tissue Massage

Release tight, aching muscles. Light pressure will build to broad deep pressure and then to deep specific pressure to target those problem areas. Your therapist can change the amount of pressure to ensure your comfort as well as the effectiveness of the massage.​ Deep Tissue

3 Options

Lymphatic Drainage

2 Options


Jordana Costa, LMT

Medium to deep pressure. Deep tissue therapist passionate about helping individuals resolve/manage chronic pain. Not recommended for those looking strictly to relax with gentle pressure. Ask about lymphatic drainage!