Yellow Marigold Massage

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your appointment is not booked until you fully submit your request. If you do not receive a confirmation email or text message, you do not have an appointment. Please call if you are unsure that your appointment was made. For more availability, visit our website and check with other LMT's working independently out of our location.
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Our Services

Amanda's Aromatherapy
Relaxing massage, hot towels, foot scrub and reflexology complimented by essential oils selected just for you. 90 Minute Session
Himalayan Salt Stone Massage & Scrub
Stones are warmed to create a soothing sensation and relax your muscles while your therapist uses them in a full body massage. Hot towels and an exfoliating back scrub are added to leave you feeling balanced and your skin feeling refreshed.
30 Minute Massage
Great for people looking for very specific work (neck and shoulders only, feet and ankles only, etc...) and for those who are unsure if they will like massage therapy.
60 Minute Massage
Be Detangled, Be Balanced, Mom to Be
90 Minute Massage End Of Year Special
Deep Tissue Swedish
2 Hour Be Detangled
Detangle those tight, aching muscles. Light pressure will build to broad deep pressure and then to deep specific pressure to target those problem areas. Your therapist can change the amount of pressure to ensure your comfort as well as the effectiveness of the massage.‚Äč Deep Tissue
$65 New Client Special
For 60 minute massage.
Prenatal 60 Minute Massage
Certified Prenatal Licensed Massage Therapist Please provide a doctor's note if your pregnancy is considered high risk.
Prenatal 90 Minute Massage
Certified Prenatal Licensed Massage Therapist Please provide a doctor's note if your pregnancy is considered high risk.
60 Minute Himalayan Salt Stone Massage
**contraindicated for Mom-To-Be** Take your massage to the next level with a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage at Yellow Marigold. The stones are warmed to create a soothing sensation while your body enjoys the healing benefits of the 84 trace minerals found in Himalayan salt. These minerals help to balance the body's pH, ease skin conditions, promote healthy sinuses, prevent muscle cramps, and so much more. This rejuvenating indulgence will leave you with a feeling of mental clarity.
Lymphatic Drainage 30 Minute
Full body 30 minute session. Recommended for those looking to see what lymphatic drainage is and for an every 2-3 month maintenance after a full round of Whole Body Lymph.
Lymphatic Drainage 50 Minute
Full body 50 minute lymphatic drainage session. Recommended for everyone, but especially for individuals with lymphedema, lipedema, general inflammation, digestive issues, and autoimmune disorders.

Our Staff

Amanda Dowd, LMT
Light pressure-deep relaxation/swedish massage. Amanda works wonderfully with individuals who suffer from every day stress and anxiety by manipulating soft body tissues to assist them in relaxation & help them reduce their stress.
Jordana Costa, LMT
Medium to deep pressure. Deep tissue therapist passionate about helping individuals resolve/manage chronic pain. Not recommended for those looking strictly to relax. Ask about lymphatic drainage!