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GAD&Co. was founded on the principle of I Am My Sister's Keeper. We empower and motivate women who are ready to shift into their God-given potential. This leads to transformational results that impact lives and strengthen communities. It's time to put fear behind you and follow your passion, live your purpose, and own your power. It's your time to shine!
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Our Services

Connect Call
Let's connect and talk about your next steps.
Create Clarity Session
This is your time to get really clear about what you need to move forward. No holding back. No more procrastinating. The choice is yours.
Create Clarity Strategy Session
This one hour consultation will jump start you in the right direction. If you are feeling stuck and can't move forward, this call will move you past your barriers and together we will come up with strategies for success.
Strategic Alliance Mastermind Info Call
Informational call to learn more about this 12 month mastermind group. This group is open to women who are ready to shift into their God-given potential. You will be engaged in professional and personal development, learn the art of networking, understanding your finances to build wealth, and developing routines for a healthier lifestyle. This call will help you to make a firm decision if this is the right time for you. Look forward to speaking with you soon.
Sip and Shop with Jewels for a Jewel
Individual or small group shopping jewelry shopping

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