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My Office Location Only | Come visit & relax at the massage studio

Silver Liner Mobile Massage Studio is designed with you in mind because we want to make your life easier. We NOW have a private massage destination, to provide you with an upscale customized massage service administered by a professional and licensed massage therapist in a private setting, relaxing atmosphere, and including complimentary beverages and snacks

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My In-Home Mobile Massage Service | Inland Empire Area Only

We will come directly to you in the comfort of your own home in the *Inland Empire Area Please text to see if we service your area in the Inland Empire

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My In-Home Mobile Massage Service | Orange County & Palm Springs Area Mobile Massage

We will come directly to you in the comfort of your own home in the *Orange County & Palm Springs Area Please text to see if we service your area

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My Mini Spa Party Experience: Massage 30 Minutes

Massage 30 Minutes per In-home Service Minimum 8 guest $65 Per Person With one massage therapist (in-home service) With a non-refundable deposit Robe and head band for the day and disposable slippers

$65 · 4 hours

My Personal Spa Party Experience: Massage 1-Hr

Massage Service 60 minutes per treatment, per person In-home spa party, Minimum 4 guest $125 Per Person with 1 Massage Therapist With a non-refundable deposit

$125 · 4 hours

My Wellness Day Spa Party Experience: Massage & Yoga

Combining a relaxing massage session with the calming effects of yoga heightens your physical rejuvenation through increased focus and mental clarity. Receiving body work prior to a yoga session will increase blood flow and lengthen the muscle strands which can help you stretch more effectively. Receiving body work after your yoga session will relax you after your workout and assist with flushing out the lactic acid from your muscles. We are happy to accommodate you with whichever approach you prefer. Drinking about 2.7 liters of water throughout the day is highly recommended in order to avoid cramps and aid in recovery, especially after receiving a massage or performing yoga. You may even need more depending on your lifestyle. Keep in mind that you may feel a bit sleepy after receiving body work which may affect your yoga. This is perfectly normal, rest assured that we will work with you according to your comfort level. With all this in mind, you are ready to plan out a wellness day with your girlfriends! Here is what we offer: Group Session Minimum of four guests Duration of massage session: 1hr Duration of yoga session: 1hr Price: $180 per person Provided for your yoga session: Premium Yoga mat, extra thick, non-slip Yoga blocks, a reassuring and latex-free foam soft, non-slip surface to assist with the stretching. Yoga socks (which you can keep). We have one size that fits most guests. They provide improved grip, keep your feet warm, and prevent foot infections. Yoga straps, which are mainly used for stretching so that users achieve a wide range of motion. Our equipment is disinfected after every session. Each session will be led by two massage therapists and one yoga instructor. Work Space and Services: A sufficient work area is at least seven by nine feet as it needs to accommodate a massage table and allow the therapist enough space to provide you with a safe and comfortable massage experience. Any furniture should be moved beforehand if necessary. Please understand that due to liability issues our therapists are not permitted to move furniture to create space for their massage table. For yoga sessions, a large enough space to accommodate four or more people is essential. Each person will need a space of approximately two by six feet for their mat plus one additional foot to allow the arms and legs to move freely and without interference by another participant. If the yoga session is to take place outside the home, please provide a clean, level and shaded area that cannot be accessed by pets for the duration of the session. Weather conditions must be at least 65 degrees with no rain.

$180 · 2 hours 30 minutes

My Corporate Chair Massage

Chair massage inside your corporate office with one massage therapist. Each employee will receive a 15-minute chair massage. Minimum 2 hours service 1 Massage therapist

$190 · 2 hours

My Ladies Sip & Spa Mini Day Treat | Private Location

Coming soon... You deserve some relaxation at our location with you and your girlfriends! Let us pamper you with a massage looking over the city and facial treatment under the sun or in the vintage Airstream trailer, relax near the pool. INDULGE ME PACKAGE Minium 6 guest 1-hr Customized Massage Session 1-hr Signature Facial Treatment $199 Per Person, Per Treatment PAMPER ME PACKAGE Minium 10 guest 30 - Minute Customized Massage Session 30 - Minute Classic Signature Facial $149 Per Person, Per Treatment COMPLIMENTARY REFRESHMENTS: Option A Mimosa & Sweet Treat Platter Option B Wine & Charuterie Board Each guest will be provided a robe for the day, disposable slippers and a gift bag to take home

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Danielle Rothenbuehler has been a certified massage therapist for 14 plus years. she specializes in stress relief therapy, but also provides deep tissue massage, trigger point, stretching therapy, aromatherapy, chair massage, pregnancy massage & cupping therapy.