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Haircut (Please select an option below and continue to find your barber)

Level 1 barber; Level 2 barber Haircut service include all types of fades and scissor work. Time does not allow for longer hair cuts or design work please call the shop for availability and pricing.

2 Options

Beard Trim

Beard trim service includes using clippers or shears to trim or shape facial hair. Also includes straight razor on the cheeks.

2 Options

Haircut and Beard trim

2 Options

Partial Shave

Straight razor shave under neck and around beard line. Includes hot towel service

2 Options

Haircut and Partial Shave

2 Options

Head Shave

Straight razor shave of head

$32 · 30 minutes

Buzz cut

Buzz cut includes one guard all around. NO FADING.

$25 · 30 minutes

Buzzcut and Beard trim

Single guard across head and a beardtrim. NO FADES

$37 · 30 minutes

Alex (Level 2 barber)

Born and raised in California, Alex planted roots in Houston 3 years ago to start a family of his own. He is a dual-licensed barber who has been cutting for roughly 10 years and is proficient with both short and long cuts. Prior to Cutthroat, he worked at the prestigious Baxter Finley barbershop in West Hollywood. He has trained and taught for Paul Mitchell schools as well as the Aveda institute overseas. Lover of dragons and breaker of chains. Book with Alex for your next cut!

Brandy (Level 2 barber)

A Houston native, Brandy, has been cutting for 10+ years. She started barbering after 5 years of working in the salon industry. She is well versed in scissor work as well as clipper cuts. She has trained and taught for the prestigious Aveda institute here and overseas. Asians love her cause she knows the struggle when it comes to hair. Book with Brandy for your next cut.

Dakota (Level 2 barber)

Born and raised here in Houston Texas, Dakota has been cutting with cutthroat for 4 years. He is a fun, carefree, and an all around good person. You can trust he knows which cut is best for you. There is never a dull moment sitting in Dakota's chair. Be warned because he will inspire you to quit your job and become a beach bum in Australia. Book with Dakota for your next cut!

Danny (Level 2 barber)

Danny is a dual licensed barber and has been in the industry for 5+ years. His versatility with haircuts enables him to master both long and short hairstyles. He is a fun, energetic, and extremely self driven individual. Book with Danny for your next cut.


Jordan Davis
Leo (Level 1 barber)

Raised on the outskirts of Houston , Leo comes from a hairdressing background. His mother was a hairdresser so he has grown up in the industry. Although he is the newest member of the cutthroat family, Leo has been cutting for close to 4 years. Leo is calm, quiet, and mild mannered. He can deliver a relaxing no-nonsense service that leave his clients handsome and refreshed. Take a break from the noise and book with Leo for your next cut!

Thomas (Level 2 barber)

Thomas has been cutting with Cutthroat for going on 3 years. His clients love him for his contagious smile and big personality. Thomas works extremely hard to make his clients handsome and happy. He is also often mistaken for a superhero. Book with Thomas for your next cut!

Tito (Level 1 barber)

Hailing from the nawf side, Tito has been chopping tops and taking names for many moons. Stop in for some quiet time or talk music and the newest Supreme drop. Either way, you won't be disappointed. Book Tito for your next haircut!

Vincent (Level 1 barber)

A Houston native, Vincent has been with cutthroat going on 2 years. He has dedicated himself to his career and his family. Vincent is constantly working on his craft at home and at work. He excels in customer service and aims to please with every cut. He takes his time and delivers quality cuts with patience and ease. Outside of work, you can find him hanging out with his family and biking around Houston. Book with Vincent for your next cut!