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DROP OFF | Emission Diagnosis | Repair

Schedule a time to DROP OFF your vehicle for service. DROP OFF as EARLY - as possible. 1st - we diagnose root cause | root compliance problem. 2nd - we put together a detailed repair quote. 3rd - we call you with all repair information | price quote. 4th - we agree upon | authorize the repair. 5th - we make the repair. 6th - we pass emissions test | get your emissions certificate. 7th - You pay the bill | pick up your car. 8th - You walk next door | 3rd party license and registration

4 hours

DROP OFF | Problem Diagnosis | Repair

Schedule a time to drop your car. The earlier the better. We will: 1. Accurately Verify | re-create the exact problem you describe. 2. This allows us to fully understand the problem. 3. We then Advise the Customer | Authorize Repair 4. Carry out Repair 5. Verify the Repair 6. Deliver vehicle back to customer on time; for, the price quoted.

4 hours

DROP OFF | Inspection | Discussion

We will fully inspect, diagnose and report re: issues and concerns.

4 hours

David Dyer