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Client Check-in

This service has restricted booking for TTPR contracted clients only. Please do not book this call type if you are not in direct contract and/or agreements with TTPR. DISCLAIMER: Your attempt to schedule will be declined for confirmation if not in direct guidelines to pursue this booking.

Free · 45 minutes

30-Minute Discovery

Need to get yourself together quicker than you thought but don't have a full hour? Our 30-minute discovery call is perfect for you. During this call, TTPR allows you to lead the conversation providing top tier advice, resources and tactics. Schedule a call with us today!

$95.99 $95.99 · 30 minutes

Publicist Access Program

[ CAUTION: RESTRICTED] Each call is limited to subscribed clients of PAP ONLY. Others will be automatically declined and redirected to book a onboarding discovery call.

Zoom Call · 1 hour

Speed Call PR

Want to know more about public relations? Book our "Speed Chat" call for a quick 15-minute call on what exactly public relations can do for your brand!

Free · 15 minutes

1-Hour Discovery

Never feel stuck or unmotivated about your brand or business moves. Knowing when to ask for direction is the first major step into redemption of greatness. Allow TTPR to take the worries off your hands when doing business. Take advantage of the PR tactics, resources, and game plans we have to offer. Let's get started today!

$195.99 $195.99 · 1 hour


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