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Tax Preparation “FILE-ON-THE-GO”

Attention: WE HIGHLY SUGGEST THAT YOU BOOK A “FREE 10 min. “CONSULTATION” BEFORE YOU RESERVE THIS TAX PREP APPOINTMENT. We are accepting new clients and looking forward to assisting you! This is a “FILE-ON-THE-GO” virtual tax preparation appointment. Your taxes will be prepared by a Pro! All tax documents must be received prior to your appointment, this includes your; photo ID, all income reporting statements (W2, 1099, Unemployment Compensation 1099-G, SSA, DIV Statement), and all other supporting documentation to support business income, credits and deductions. You will receive a zoom meeting link via text or email 5-10 before your scheduled appt., you may request to receive a phone call instead. This Tax Preparation appointment is limited to either one individual (person/entity) or a “married filing jointly” couple, and no more than one tax return will be prepared during the session. Due to high demand, all “no-shows” and late arrivals will be prevented from re-booking during the current filing season. Email or Fax your documents to, 1-844-829-7766.

No up-front fees unless you are not due a refund or filing a paper return · 1 hour

Business Coaching and Development

Are you ready to break through? We are committed to equipping entrepreneurs with the skills to maximize their potential. You will receive master coaching; covering topics such as legality and scalability, and a “start-up “consultation (if requested), and a follow up action plan uniquely tailored to fit your business and goals. After your initial call, additional coaching will be available at a discounted rate. It’s now time for you to take the limitations off, schedule your coaching session today!

$197 · 1 hour

Credit Strategy Session

Are you having credit issues? we offer one of the most effective and affordable credit repair programs on the market with no monthly fees associated, ever! you will only pay for the initial coaching fee and get a 10 page Dispute letter template kit, 1 on 1 credit strategy session, and customized action plan. We work with you to permanently remove derogatory and erroneous adverse accounts from your credit file. Purchase a strategy session or schedule a free consultation to get started. We are looking forward to serving you.

$247 · 45 minutes

1-Year Elite Credit Restoration Program

Are you having credit issues? we offer one of the most effective credit repair programs on the market and the benefits of top credit repair and rebuilding products combined into one! You will get, guaranteed secured credit card ($200.00 value), 1-year credit monitoring service ($319.00 value), Bonus: monthly credit strategy sessions every month for 1 year ($3,000 value), and customized action plans and resources. This is a stress-free concierge elite credit restoration and coaching program for those who want to relax. We’ll work together for a full year to help you reach your credit goals and live the lifestyle that you desire. only pay the initial coaching fee-all services and products above are included! We use the law to permanently delete incomplete adverse accounts from your credit file. Purchase this package or schedule a free consultation to get started. We are looking forward to serving you!

1 year credit restoration program. You get trade line, credit monitoring + more $2,497 · 1 hour

Bonus Credit Strategy Session

While you are enrolled in #DIY Credit Repair Like a Pro! course (120 days), you are eligible for 1 Credit Strategy Session, for no additional fee. For best practice, DO NOT BOOK YOUR BONUS STRATEGY SESSION UNTIL YOU HAVE GONE THROUGH THE ENTIRE COURSE AND HAVE COMPLETED AT LEAST ONE DISPUTE LETTER.

Free for #DIY credit repair course attendees only · 45 minutes

Free Consultation

Let us answer your questions! We will thoroughly answer any questions that you may have concerning the products that we offer. We will call you at the confirmed appointment time selected. Book 24 hours in advance, same day appointments may not be fulfilled,

Free · 10 minutes


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