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Our Services

Ladies Brazilian wax
Dare to go Bare! Or Options to leave a triangle or strip.
Male Underarms
Raise your arms in confidence!
Male Stomach
Ladies Mid Bikini
Not ready to go fully bare, but want a little more than a basic.
Ladies Basic Bikini
Just enough along the bikini line to get you to the beach :)
Brazilian + Cheeks Combo
Full brazilian plus the butt cheecks:)
In between the cheeks
That nook in between tush area.
Ladies Bum Cheeks
That peach fuzz on tush area.
Full Legs + Basic Bikini
Everything from the toes to the hip/ bikini line.
Full Legs
Full leg area, includes toes.
Half Leg (Upper)
From knees and up, includes toes.
Half Leg (Lower)
From knees down, includes toes.
Ladies Full Arms
Top of shoulders and below, includes knuckles.
Ladies Half Arms
From elbow & up OR elbow & below, you choose. Includes knuckles.
Ladies Under Arms
Raise your arms with confidence!
Full Back
Everything from base of the neck to bottom of the lower back.
Lower Back
Lower half of back.
Full Stomach
Tummy area.
Male Full Arms
From top of shoulders to hands, includes knuckles
Male Half Arms
Above or below the elbows, you choose.
Male Full Back
Top of shoulders to the base of lower back.
Chest + Stomach Combo
Chest plus tummy area.
Chest to top of tummy.
Male Full Leg
From briefs to toes.
Nose wax
All that's poking out!
Lip wax
Bye bye mustache!

Our Staff

shayla ennis