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Solo Power Sweat 1 person - 1 hour

WEDNESDAYS - 1 hr private sauna session for 1 person only. This service is meant to make it more accessible for people who wish to come alone. This is a sauna only booking - the client may wish to pay additional cost to include add-ons. Wednesdays are the dedicated days for solo sweaters but other weekday times may be available. If you book online outside Wednesdays you may receive call to find an appropriate time.

$75 · 1 hour


Full facility private booking Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Includes use of saunas wet area and all relaxation areas. 1-2 people includes 4 add-ons / 3-4 people includes 4 add-ons / 5-6 people add-ons not included

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Full Facility access Saturday and Sunday. Includes use of saunas, wet area and relaxation areas. 1-2 pp includes 4 add-ons / 3-4 pp includes 4 add-ons / 5-6 pp add-on not included

5 Options

Delux add-on - Sauna Birthday

TLF Banya hat for the Birthday elf - 2 drinks

$50 · 5 minutes


Lisa-Marie Jaster