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Psychic/Intuitive Reading

In this session, Richard connects to provide guidance on areas that may need a little extra direction or clarification. He can answer your questions regarding love, relationships, family, career, and finance. His readings are designed to be interactive so you will be able to ask questions and participate in your reading! Please note with a psychic reading: you have free will! This means you can change your path, direction, and information regarding your future. You can manifest what you desire. That is the beauty of life! Gain focus, clarity, and direction with your intuitive reading.

$150 · 1 hour

Medium Readings

Richard connects with Spirit to bring forward your loved one in a way that will make you feel as if they are in the room and having that last laugh or conversation. Richard brings forward their personality, quirks, and their messages in an honest and genuine manner delivering healing, hope, and closure. Please note: Although it’s Richard’s intention and desire to bring froth the spirit you wish to speak to, he cannot guarantee that they will choose to step forward. Richard connects with the spirit world with complete opening to allow you loved ones an opportunity to connect with you.

$100 · 55 minutes

Medical Intuitive Scan & Healing

Richard is a gifted healer and is able to scan your body, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually looking for energy imbalances and blockages. He then uses his spiritual gifts to discern the cause of such disturbances and how to treat them. This includes spiritual guidance to prevent future relapses. Disclaimer: Advice is offered by way of information Richard receives from Spirit. It is not meant to replace advice from medical, mental health or business professionals.

2 Options

Package 1

Psychic/Intuitive Reading followed by Medical Intuitive Scan & Divine Healing.

2 Options

Package 2

Mediumship/Spirit Reading followed by Internal Healing

2 Options

Package 3

Past Life Hypnosis followed by Post Session Guidance

$200 · 2 hours

Package 4

Home/Land Reading, Clearing, and Blessing

$100 · 30 minutes


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