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Annual Wellness Exam

We continue to bill insurance and Medicare. Annual Wellness Exam is a one hour visit and includes: obtaining a comprehensive relevant health, social and medical history; performing a thorough physical examination based on age and history; performing or ordering preventative and diagnostic procedures based on the patient’s age and history; identifying health risk factors; and evaluating social determinants of health that may influence the patient’s health and wellness. (A significant problem evaluation is not included in this visit and needs to be scheduled separately or if included, if time allows, is charged as an additional visit.)

1 hour

Problem Focused Visit

We continue to bill insurance and Medicare. Problem-Focused – Currently problem visits "In Clinic" will be those requiring a GYN exam). 30 minute or less visit. For other problems schedule on Telemedicine visit calendar.

30 minutes

Extended Problem or Consultation Visit

We continue to bill insurance and Medicare. Extended visit 45 - 60 minutes for consultation or more involved problem or issue.

45 minutes


Debbie Meyers, CNP, MS