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Specializing in holistic and spiritual practices that heal the body mind and spirit. Psychic readings, mediumship readings, holistic health coaching, sound therapy, Crystal healing, past life regression, couples spiritual therapy and more
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Our Services

Psychic Soul Reading 90 Minutes
A soul’s reading allows me to explore the many layers of you, while revealing untruths and distorted perceptions of how you see yourself and the world around you. These perceptions cause individuals to have poor life experiences. A soul reading will help you identify what unconscious and sabotaging habits, conditions, and reflexes are blocking happiness, health, wealth, and success from manifesting within your life. The Service Offers: Psychic and Spiritual Mediumship Reading Healing Aromatherapy oils to stimulate the olfactory nervous system, trigging memories to release past trauma. Angelic Tuners opens the third eye and connect ones subconscious mind to the spiritual and angelic realms. Aura Tuners to Clear and Balance Chakras. Repairs Rips, holes, and Tears. Remove psychic hooks, attachments and raise energy vibration. Singing bowls and gong bath Weighted Tuners to release stagnant energy (know as stress) held within the body. Hypnosis to clear sabotaging programs and reprogram the subconscious mind
Psychic Reading
Couples Spiritual Therapy
Laura will help couples become aware of their own emotional and psychological blocks which trigger their partners and sabotage the happiness and wellness of the relationship. All couples get emailed after the session with healing individual and couples “homework” to help them become aware and recondition their sabotaging behaviorisms. *please wait 24 to 48 hours after your appointment before receiving your Healing protocol Homework through email.
Spiritual Response Technique
Spiritual response technique is a quick and accurate spiritual healing technique that helps you remove blocks that prevent you from living a happier life. SRT works on a spiritual level to help eliminate spiritual, mental, emotional and physical challenges.
Past Life & Akashic Record Reading
Past life and akashic record readings help individuals break karmic lifetime lessons. Each lifetime provides new perspectives to help expand consciousness so one can create fulfilling life experiences. The Akashic records is also known as the mind of God. They contain a repository of the knowledge and experiences of the planet and all life forms on the planet. All thoughts, actions and desires are held in the fabric this great library, including those of your past, present, parallel and future lifetimes. Laura uses her psychic gifts to focus on information to help clients uncover their spiritual blocks, healing and souls purpose
Mediumship Readings
Mediumship readings offer validation or evidence that spirit continued beyond this life. Authentic mediumship seeks to validate, console, heal and uplift. During your reading Laura may receive mediumship messages from spirit, and she will convey this information to you whenever it presents itself. In a Mediumship session there are no guarantees that the person who you are wanting to speak to will be the actual spirit who has shown up. Sometimes it will be another who you may not have ever met or hardly knew but is a family member or a relative to a friend. Other times the spirit may have a message not specifically for you but for another person close to you or another family member .
Soul Retrieval Reading & Table Healing
Soul Retrieval Reading Sometimes a part of us gets disconnected from ourselves due to a traumatic experience and is left back in another time period. By going back to that time period you heal the separation that occurred and integrate that part back into present time through your body. 60 minutes – $150
Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing
Crystal Healing & Chakra Balancing Crystal healing works to balance the energy system of the body by using the electromagnetic and healing properties of rocks, crystals and minerals. By laying the crystals on the body, your aura and electromagnetic field interact with the stones with the earth’s energy field to create balance. Crystal healing helps repair and clear ones vibratory system which include nadi’s, chakras and meridians. 90 minutes – $175
Spiritual Counseling
Spiritual counseling is a combined technique of counseling skills and intuitive abilities that may or may not be known by the conscious mind. Laura uses intuitive counseling to access information that blocks one’s creative energy. 60 minutes – $150
Dream Analysis for healing & Empowerment
Dream Analysis Laura will decipher the messages the subconscious mind is trying to reveal to the client through their dreams. Dreams hold the keys to some of our greatest fears and desires that trigger many of our unconscious behaviors that may or may not support our highest good
Crystal Ball & Stone Readings
CRYSTAL Ball and Stone Readings Laura uses Crystal gazing as a tool to foretell events in the future or find hidden information.Crystal gazing is where a psychic or medium uses a crystal ball, a seer stone, or other crystal to foretell events, discover hidden knowledge or prophecy. Crystal gazing can also be used as a divining tool. 60 minutes – $125
Sound Healing
Sound Healing with Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks and Gong Bath Sound therapy with singing bowl therapy, tuning forks and gong bath therapy works on a molecular and crystalline level. The body is a network of vibrational field and energy currents. Each individual resonates his or her own vibration. The notes of singing bowls, tuning forks and gong bath are tuned to specific frequencies found within the human body. Thus when sound moves through the atmosphere and touches us, it causes our cells to move in different directions and different speeds in rhythm with the sound wave. When our bodies are out of rhythm disease and disharmony result. Vibrational sound therapy addresses imbalances and blocks of the energy system 45 minutes – $100.00
Holistic Health Coaching
Holistic Health Coaching The practice of spirituality has consistently been linked with bettering a person’s well-being. Most spiritual and holistic practices have the goal of achieving a higher state of consciousness. Practicing spiritual health provides a greater sense of awareness and appreciation that can make you a stronger and more confident person. Laura will prescribe a holistic wellness related to diet and nutrition. 60 minutes – $150.00
Psychic Reading 45 minutes
Psychic Reading 30 minutes

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